February 2014 MQP Show and Tell


The brights! The stitching! The FUN!

Take a look at the beautiful quilts February brought to the Gallery at MyQuiltPlace.com.

Gather ’round the monitor and let this month’s online show and tell begin! Click on our little scrapbook below, and it will come up on a larger screen. If you click the symbol that looks like a little box with an arrow inside, you can make it full screen for best viewing! (Just click Esc on your keyboard to come back.)

You can flip pages just like a magazine when you click the little arrows at the sides of the pages. Run your mouse across the top and you’ll see the bar with – and + signs that let you enlarge, then move your mouse around to take a closer look.

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Joining MyQuiltPlace is free, easy, and it’s a GREAT place to meet new quilting friends, find inspiration, and show your quilts.

Go to the upper right corner of the My Quilt Place home page and click “Sign Up” (or sign in with Facebook) if you’d like to participate in this growing community of quilters.

One of the best things about MQP? So many quilters are there (over 17,000!) looking out for one another – they’re happy to answer your quilting questions, and give advice when you don’t know what to choose.

If you’d like to see more quilts like these, click HERE.

To comment on a specific quilt photo, click on the underlined quilter’s name in the scrapbook. It will take you to that quilter’s MQP home page. On the column to the left you will find individual quilt images under the Photos link.

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