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We asked about your favorite things to do with quilting friends and you shared some great ideas. See a list of the top rated events, fun activities, and the best parts of a quilting community ranked in order.



Spending time with quilting friends is fantastic! When asked, these were your favorite activities to do with your quilting buddies:

1. Sewing Days – Not only are all our friends right there to help us, but the stories and laughter make the stitches fly by!

2. Quilt Shows – Shopping, breath-taking quilts, shopping, vendors, demos, classes…did I mention shopping? What’s not to love?

3. Classes – Learning with friends is always fun, especially when we need help with homework.

4. Weekend Retreats – Escape with a few of your friends for a weekend getaway full of adventure and quilting!

5. Road Trips – Thelma and Louise got nothing on us quilters! We know how to take a road trip!!!


What makes these events so special? You shared the following:

1. An inspiring Show & Tell tied as #1 along with hanging out with friends – Just goes to show how inspiring quilting friends are…we love to see new things and encourage one another.

2. Demos – Getting to learn new tricks and tips along with the latest techniques!

3. Meeting new people – No one can have too many quilt friends.

4. Working on quilts together – Projects are always more fun with someone to laugh with along the way.

5. Door Prizes – Winner Winner Bobbin Spinner!!! Of course, we all know that Helen is going to get the door prize…she always does!


What do you look for in a quilting community?

1. New Techniques

2. Fun people to do fun things with

3. Support & Help

4. Exciting Projects

5. Charity Work

Are you and your friends looking for something new to try?

Get inspired by some of the ideas shared from The Better Together Quilting Survey participants:

  • We read the same book each three months and make wall quilts (original designs). We discuss the book the first month, have an activity the 2nd, and the reveal on the 3rd.

  • Each person brought 1 yd of fabric, tore it in half and passed it to the right while keeping the other half for themselves. Took the 1/2 yd received from the left, tore it in half, and passed it to the right. Kept on going until all the fabric was handed out. Challenge – now make a mini wall hanging. Had a lot of fun!! Even though everybody had the same fabric no two were alike since each had different amounts of each fabric.

  • Winter retreats. We rent a cabin for the week and build a fire and hope we get snowed in while we drink our wine and sew!

  • Hand quilting around the big frame. If your group hasn’t tried it – you should!

  • A close group of quilting friends and I go to our local community theater’s show together and go out to dinner first.

  • Five yard challenges. Must use recognizable amount of each of 5 fabrics in the project and can add other fabrics as desired.

  • Our local quilt shop had a backroom where a group of us hung out in the afternoon working on projects, talking, and just being together. When the shop got busy, we’d pitch in to help choose fabrics, cut , and help with questions.

  • Quilt Camp! We spend 4-5 days quilting in the mountains. The camp we stay at feeds us and houses us so all we have to worry about is what project to make next!

  • A day spent trying new things we have not done before: sun printing, rust dying, jello printing, and more!

  • Have a theme for the meeting and then have costumes, parades for those participating, and fun prizes.

  • An 11-month challenge to work on UFOs. A different UFO is picked each month and you attempt to finish or at least work on it.

  • My mini group gets together twice a year to go someplace and enjoy quilting and just being together.

  • Making a group quilt for a member who was moving away.

  • Quilt Bingo

  • We had an Ugly Fabric day where we had a table full of ugly fabrics and were encouraged to just pick fabrics without looking. Then we joined and sliced and so on, and actually came up with interesting pieces of fabric.

    and of course…

  • Paducah!   #1 written-in response was going with friends to AQS QuiltWeek – Paducah!

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Donna F

almost time for a summer road trip. it is time, at the end of June, for a Row by Row shop hop road trip or two with friends. then time to sew up the quilts.