Before you dive into the December issue of The Quilt Life magazine, please take one more look at Laura Fisher’s BROKEN STAR quilt in the October issue. The TQL team fell seriously in love with this wonderful antique quilt. Ricky told me he wants to make his own version of the quilt, and TQL contributing editor Irene Berry already has Broken Star blocks pinned to her design wall. Her fabrics are more contemporary than those of the original quilt, but her technique is decidedly old school. She’s piecing the quilt entirely by hand.

A few parts of the quilt are pinned to the design wall.

Before Irene and her husband, Bob, left for a road trip last spring, she cut patches for a dozen Broken Star blocks. Once on the road, he drove and she stitched. Sewing in the shotgun seat turned out to be a little challenging. “After the first day, I thought I’d made every mistake possible,” she says. “But on the second day I made some new mistakes. It was pretty silly. But after that, I did OK.” Irene says hand piecing is definitely the way to go with a Broken Star block. Each block does have 60 individual patches and 40 set-in seams—she counted—but don’t let that stop you from making your own Broken Star. Irene says she is enjoying every stitch, and that making this quilt is just like taking a road trip. Getting there is half the fun…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

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Linda B.

This is a beautiful quilt! I hate “Y” seams, but it is still really pretty.

I think I’d really like to try this. I’ll have to find a pattern. Any advice?