Quilt 2018 – Explore Modern Design: Negative Nine Patch


Play with modern design and discover the power of negative space with this creative Nine Patch exercise.

For the August Quilt 2018 project, we are taking a look at the modern quilt style. One common design element found in modern quilts, is negative space.

A great way to explore negative space it to experiment with creating negative space. This Nine Patch exercise gives you an opportunity to try you hand at it.

The Negative Nine Patch

Pick a background shape, whatever shape and size you want.

Cut nine equal squares in a color contrasting the background fabric.

Put the background fabric on a table or design wall. Play with placing the nine squares on the background space.

Goal: Use all nine squares positioned so the can be understood to be or have been a Nine Patch design.

  • Play with the focal point of the design. How does the negative space affect the design?
  • Move the blocks into another arrangement. How has is the perception of the piece changed?
  • Play to create balance.
  • How does the negative space create definition?
  • Use the squares to tell the story of the negative Nine Patch.

Take pictures as you play. When finished, flip through the images and pick your favorite!

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