Do you have a stack of quilt tops languishing away, just waiting to be quilted? You aren’t alone! It’s one of the most common reasons a quilt project gets stuck in the UFO phase. You can take charge of that tops pile today by quilting on your sewing machine! Be it line work or freemotion quilting, our iquilt instructors have great tips to help you with quilting at home, and you can learn most anything about quilting by taking their classes. Let’s hear their tips!

Select the Perfect Thread

From thread weight to color choices, Lisa H. Calle untangles the world of thread and makes selecting your next quilting thread a snap. Be sure to join her for her iquilt class, Mastering the Mini: Wholecloth Designs.

Mark Your Quilt Worry-Free

Find out how Judi Madsen marks her quilts and prevents fabric bleeding to achieve professional results when she quilts. Learn how to add details to make a showstopping quilt in her class, Progressive Detail Quilting.

Quilt on Your Home Sewing Machine

Mary Smallegan shares tips and tricks to help you quilt a larger quilt on a home sewing machine. Learn more from Mary in her class, Machine Quilting: Beginning Free Motion & Tools.

Create Dimensional Quilting

Adding dimension to your quilting design is easy with this tip from Jodi Robinson. One thing up, one thing down—it’s easy! For more great lessons, check out Jodi’s class, Modern Simplicity Quilting Designs.

Conquer Ruler Work on a Sewing Machine

Use a ruler to create straight freemotion quilting lines on a domestic machine with this tip from Gina Perkes-Tidwell! Learn more when you take Gina’s class, Machine Quilting on the Grid.

Fill Areas with Pretty Pebbles

Learn how to freemotion quilt pebbles with Cindy Seitz-Krug. Perfect your stitches with her great tips and move on to variations of pebble stitches in her class, Successful Machine Quilting: Basic & Beyond.

Next week we’ll bring you even more great quilting tips from these and other iquilt instructors, so stay tuned! And don’t forget to subscribe to iquilt on YouTube for even more great tips from iquilt instructors.

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