Everyone LOVES Embroidery Survey Results


Everyone LOVES embroidery! Maybe not everyone, but you’d think so by the results of last week’s Embroidery survey where over 2000 of you shared your thoughts and experiences. See how things stacked up and check out your list of unusual embroidery projects!

Let’s take a look at the results:

Who embroiders?

Over 88% of you do!

What do you do? You listed a few…     

  • Counted cross stitch
  • Chicken Scratch
  • Smocking
  • heirloom sewing
  • Hardanger
  • Brazilian embroidery
  • embroidery applique
  • needlepoint
  • Brazilian
  • silk ribbon embroidery
  • freehand on machine
  • Original samplers
  • crewel embroidery
  • Bead Embroidery
  • Rework
  • Huck
  • brodery purse
  • plastic canvas
  • Swedish Embroidery
  • crazy quilt
  • Embroidery machine
  • goldwork

 How often?

1/3 of you embroider weekly! 

When asked if you mix your embroidery with  your quilting 8 out of 10 responded – YES! You betcha!

What are the strange, different, and crazy things you’ve embroidered?

We enjoyed the responses so much, we just thought we’d share 1400 or so of our favorites…

  1. Crewel embroidery pillow. A very detailed flower pattern done with yarn.
  2. ribbon embroidery pillow
  3. Nothing unusual….I dabble with wool applique which is often embellished with hand embroidery….I’m pretty good at French knots!
  4. Flower Show–felted wool appliqué plus embroidery on a fairly large quilt.
  5. I don’t consider any of my projects unusual
  6. Large cross-stitch picture including petit-point butterflies and bees.  But have also machine embroidered a few jackets with success.
  7. As a fiber artist, I have incorporated embroidery techniques into many of my pieces, including handmade ceramic tile vessels and paper cards.
  8. Child’s toy
  9. crazypatch vest in special ocassion fabrics cream and white with some beeding
  10. I took a drawing or a dragon and embroidered it in redwork to make a pillow. I’ve also done several needlepoint pillows, pictures and three cross stitch pieces that are framed.
  11. Crabapple hill retreat , patterns with crayon highlighting
  12. I do mainly free-standing lace.
  13. I purchased a butterfly stamped quilt kit. I wanted to do a queen size quilt. I did it by hand. Took me forever. I do not think I will purchase another stamped quilt kit.
  14. I am just a plain Jane
  15. One I created from a picture in a book for a friend to incorporate into a “farewell ” quilt!
  16. Characters (elves, reindeer, dolls, soldiers, toys, animals) spelling out merry Christmas.
  17. heavy embroidery on a denim jacket in the 70’s, won a blue ribbon in a county fair.
  18. the stitches on a crazy quilt
  19. Monet’s The River
  20. handbags and jewelry
  21. zodiac shirts for husband and brothers
  22. A hat for a medieval faire costume
  23. “Tummy Time” mat for grandson
  24. Crazy quilting mixed with applique.
  25. Redwork in a quilt
  26. Can not remember it has been so long
  27. A 20 block embroidered quilt
  28. Free motion embroidery on a quilt.
  29. I embroider on clothing.
  30. embroidered face on silk print of a tree that became a 3D sculpture.
  31. A pair of jeans with free form designs.
  32. Quilt
  33. A crazy quilted wall banner.
  34. Embroidery stitches on an antique lampshade.
  35. White on white crazy quilt
  36. Embroidering a baseball over a hole in my husband’s shirt
  37. Wall hanging using wool and cotton appliqué with some William Morris designs, then embellished with embroidery
  38. currently making a king sized bed quilt with 6×10 units of embroidered flowers and multiple borders. It’s the largest amount of machine embroidery I have ever done
  39. Red work sun bonnet sue squares for quilt
  40. candle wicking with quilting
  41. Anita Goodesign Nativity Barn
  42. Crazy quilting
  43. embroidered quilt squares on a queen size quilt
  44. stitching on a tramping pack
  45. Jacobean embroidery, crewel embroidery for jacket patches.
  46. I am more traditional.  Dishtowels, blocks for quilt.
  47. None have been what I would consider unusual.
  48. I’ve embroidered on Christmas ornaments and also on a few scrapbook pages.
  49. Not unusual but intense: cowboy hat, horse shoe and cowboy boot.
  50. Tissue box covers
  51. Machine and hand embroidery quilt
  52. Sashiko
  53. Table cloth, with 12 napkins.
  54. Pillowcase doll
  55. A quilt that has five appliqued cottages embelished with Sulky 12 wt embroidery cotton and silk ribbon embroidery.
  56. Liturgical for church
  57. I made an embroidered, cloth folder for my boyfriend’s sheet music.
  58. Jacobean design with crewel work.
  59. Creating a Park Ranger patch for a Halloween costume.
  60. I have embroireried items i did as a teenager in the late 50s. My favorite is pillow cases with a topiary of roses each less then 1/2 in diameter. It took me several years to complete.
  61. A block by block tapestry design by Anita Goode done on silk.
  62. Crazy quilt turkey
  63. Wall hanging…. use beading to enhance
  64. Putting some collegiate type logos on several blocks as a graduation quilt. I’m also a commercial embroiderer so it’s easy.
  65. blue jeans purse with both hand and machine embroidery.
  66. I did a modified crazy quilted journal cover for my son that was covered in hand embroidery and beading!
  67. I’ve embroidered clothing, purses, belts, samplers, and a ring bearer’s pillow for a wedding but my favorite embroidered object is a biscornu!
  68. Embroidered sweatshirt.
  69. Crazy Quilted Fan Ornaments
  70. A dog on an apron!
  71. I do a lot of redwork, especially patterns that involve Sunbonnet Sue.  I turn the embroidery into a quilt after stitching the blocks.
  72. Brazilian Embroidery is a real challenge.  Just beginning to learn about it and enjoying it.  It’s amazing what can be done with this form of embroidery.
  73. Currently I am completing a red work illustrated alphabet quilt which I have changed to intensive quilting for each symbol, apple, eggs, mountain, etc. work production time is inconsistent but mostly in a 2 hour period at our Senior Center.The project was started in late 2013 or early 2014 as part of my cancer recovery process. I am finished with “M” so there is hope the project will actually be finished!  All in good time.
  74. Sheer on sheer pieces in shades of red with machine embroidery.
  75. Machine embroidery on toilet paper.
  76. I am now doing 2 crazy quilts as gifts. They measure 54×54 and have bead embellishments and buttons as well as the embroidery.
  77. A quilt top describing an individual’s experiences with mental illness.
  78. Hand Embroidered entire jacket.
  79. Embellishing quilt blocks
  80. A wallhanging of Kachinas on suede cloth–turned out great!
  81. I’ve hand embroidered the underslip for my sisters wedding gown.  She wanted a “special” design on it and the seamstress wouldn’t do it for her, so I did.  LOL
  82. I embroidered on a hat for a retirement gift.
  83. I just finished a crazy quilt embroidery around a picture of my grandmother. It was for a class taught by Brian Haggard a few years ago.
  84. There is none I would have described as “unusual”
  85. Jenny Haskins quilts
  86. Individual Poinsettias around the neckline of a dress
  87. All new stitches in wild colors on the front of a jacket, loved it.
  88. a quilt with embroidered blocks  and border
  89. Needle cas kits
  90. Crazy quilt
  91. Haven’t done anything unusual
  92. crazy patchwork bag with embroidery
  93. I have only done a monkey so!
  94. I created a big heart for my mother and inside the heart I embroidered the flower associated with the month of each of her five children’s birth.  When my mother passed away I gave the heart to my sister.
  95. I used to embroider clothing in college
  96. Nothing use others ideas.
  97. In a quilted wallhanging
  98. Working on 6.5″ blocks from an online quilt along. It is a mixed techniques, so not all blocks embroidery.
  99. Embellishment for husband’s patched Levi knees (geckos).
  100. wall quilt with inspirational phrases
  101. I just do pillows and wall pictures.
  102. sunflower garden wallhanging with hand applique, mix of cotton and wool, embellishments, beadwork, and a variety of embroidery stitches.
  103. Silk ribbon embroidered and strip pieced stuffed bunny
  104. A large crewel embroidery kit with wildlife on it.
  105. Decorated a denim shirt
  106. Large quilt with embroidered blocks and border
  107. three quilts
  108. Tee shirts for elementary school performance.
  109. Bedspread
  110. Antique cross stich designs, crewel enbroidery
  111. Sorry, I never finished a crazy stitch block. Had to put it a side and never went  back to it.
  112. I designed a quilt that was representative of a gateway arch that once stood in front of my great grandfather’s home. I made portions of it with fabric and then sent photos to have those digitized. Then I machine embroidered them on the quilt. The quilt includes elements such as the Virgin of the Guadalupe and many peacocks. I am a fairly new quilter, so I lacked the skills to create it according to quilting standards. It is very flawed.The arch was designed by an artist in Mexico who used Mexican tiles. It now stands in the San Antonio Museum of Art.
  113. Free stitching on wool.
  114. Holly Hobby wall pictures
  115. Nude self portrait.
  116. crazy quilt
  117. None unusual but a mix in collage works
  118. Large peacock
  119. In our large extended family, we made a quilt for my father’s 80th birthday.  We embroidered names for upward of seventy family members, in cursive.
  120. creating the pattern for and embroidering a poem my husband wrote for me.
  121. I made monogrammed pillow cases for Glen Campbell when I was a child.
  122. Crazy patch blocks
  123. My son created design with our embroidery program and I stitched the split design onto fabric and used heat and bond ultra to attach to tote bag.”
  124. Machine embroidery on a tote bag for a student at a local community college, it was part of a class project.
  125. a unicorn; following the lines and color chart
  126. queen sized crazy quilt with single thread stitches on every seam is the most dense and creative project
  127. Stitched a heart onto the tummies of all my teddy bears when I was a little girl.  Was my Grandma’s idea LOL.
  128. Crazy quilt block
  129. Jeans patches back in the 60’s
  130. Gift for parent’s 70th wedding anniversary- embroidered and quilted wall hanging
  131. I don’t really have an unusual embroidery project. I was a cross stitcher for years, then a quilter, and now I love mixing quilting and embroidery. Currently working on an Easter embroidery that I’ll make into a wall hanging. I just watched some of your tutorials, love the twisted chain stitch, going to put some of that in my current work. Thank you for the new techniques
  132. lace jewelry
  133. Silk Ribbon Flowers and plants.
  134. Have never done unusual embroidery.  Love most kinds of embroidery, especially the Swedish huck weaving.
  135. designed a landscape and transferred to fabric and then used as many stitches as would give texture to the design. took months of working on it a bit at a time
  136. Layering recycled plastic mailer and open-work bag on linen.
  137. crazy quilt
  138. Applique with embroidery embellishment
  139. crazy quilt
  140. Child’s traced hands
  141. Stamped linen tablecloth that no one would use, ironing it was horrible!
  142. A spider web on my blue jeans in 1975!
  143. Gold lame geckos with beading and embroidery appliqued to batik background.
  144. A Santa Clause with all French knots.
  145. Used Christmas tree tinsel on a wallhanging
  146. Am adding hand embroidery to a hand applique of my dog to add the minute fuzziness of fur and color depth.
  147. Designed a pheasant from line drawing and embroidered it totally on a quilt
  148. All mine are normal store age bags tshirt baby things hats
  149. King-sized quilt
  150. Doll faces
  151. My daughter’s “cat” quilt featuring her cats each month of the year.
  152. embroidered appliqued flowers for a dog coat
  153. Sweethearts embroidery quilt for my granddaughter.
  154. I embroider some buttons for a wedding dress.
  155. An embroidery over a crazy quilt block with Brian Hubbard.
  156. Christmas stocking
  157. Quilt for a Fireman.
  158. An art quilt
  159. Embellished a pieced quilt
  160. A design that had lots of words in a garden setting.   It was quite large and took me a long time and learned new stitches. But
  161. Don’t think any of my embroidery could be classed as unusual
  162. But applique stitched onto tha background with either with hand OR machine embroidery is NICE.”
  163. “A custom job of embroidery applique—of which I did NOT take a photo. Now, how DUMB was that?
  164. Embroidered with beads on a purse made from Deer hide.
  165. a Tardis for my daughter
  166. I have done counted cross stitch, crewel, and “regular embroidery”. I’m not sure any of the many pieces I’ve done were unusual, but I frequently combine quilting and embroidery for yearly Christmas ornaments for my 8 grandchildren.
  167. Handbags
  168. Nothing unusual.  I do lots of pillowcases and have embroidered squares for quilts.
  169. Sue Spargo’s BOM. They are amazing. Have transferred many of her techniques to quilting projects.
  170. a jacket
  171. Enhanced a painting with embroidery & beading
  172. My Levi jacket. Still a work in progress.
  173. cutwork
  174. I don’t have anything unusual as a project.  I like to try something new occasionally.  My latest embroideries have been done with wool.
  175. I have embroidered on toilet paper as Christmas gifts.
  176. Christmas dove
  177. A quilt made up of embroidered blocks all done in the same color.
  178. Working on a Christmas Quilt with nine red work blocks to do.
  179. Christmas tree skirt of felt with embroidery and sequins.
  180. demin jacket
  181. Using stencils as patterns on a couple of quilt projects.
  182. My Granddaughter’s Levi jackets.
  183. Embroidery and cut work on leather.
  184. Embroidered sides of jeans
  185. digitizing and embroidering logos for gamers
  186. Applique
  187. My dogs photos.
  188. LOL – I call it my Quarter Century Quilt.  One of those pre-printed embroidered king-size quilt.  I started embroidering it in 1973 & finished quilting & binding it in 1999!
  189. a 12 square fall portrait
  190. I embroidered a shirt, a cape and a picture.
  191. Jacket
  192. postcards
  193. Crabapple Hill Snow Cabins
  194. Large red poppies on wool with wool floss.
  195. I dunno!!
  196. not necessarily unusual, but samplers based on stitch families,i.e, running, knots (french, etc…) from an old Readers’ Digest book (I think) with pearl cotton (3 and 5); very pretty
  197. Military tanks and planes for WW II history project
  198. They’ve been pretty predictable.
  199. I figured out how to do my Birthday Month Flower – Sweet Pea.  A wonderful scrolling vine with blooms.
  200. Art quilt with beads galore!
  201. Embroidery on toilet paper
  202. None really but there’s always a first time.
  203. Gee I don;t remember,  They are all fun,  I do sometimes mix thread colors to get some color I like better than just “plain” colors.
  204. I embroidered a cat with “everything tastes better with cat hairs in it” on an apron for someone who dislikes cats.
  205. The center of a most fabulous quilt
  206. Wool appliqué over pieced quilt with  various embroidery stitches as embellishment and design details.
  207. Queen size columns
  208. Not sure if its unusual or not. I used to parts of LP covers on the backs of shirts.
  209. Crazy quilts for my grandchildren.
  210. Using Crayons, sand paper, fibers, experiment with most everything! in my embroidery.There are only 3 kinds of fabric:  Stripe, pattern, solid.  HA! HA! 210-922-0411
  211. Nothing unusual, probably most advanced is a quilt I am currently working on. Hand embroidery
  212. Revolutionary war flag quilt. Mixed applique and embroidery. Embroidered national anthem (last part)
  213. A Mothers’ Union Banner for Cartmel Priory which was a scene from Lake Windermere with 8 embroidered saints shields below representing the 8 churches in the Windermere Deanery.
  214. Probably a Jean jacket. I drew motifs with chalk, then embroidered them, no pattern or hoop. It was fun!
  215. encrusted embroidery
  216. Retirement Rag Quilt made from my husbands blue denim work jeans (with grease spots). I machine embroidered things that he used or worked on as a crane operator.  Ray Ban sunglasses, thermos bottle, cruse ship, flamingo (he worked in Miami) and other things.
  217. Skating dress
  218. using needlepoint stitches
  219. Salem Witches with crayon coloring.
  220. That is hard to say.  I love embroidery and have done so many pieces.  Have framed and made pillows plus made quilts out of my embroidery
  221. Calendra Patterdrip’s Cottage
  222. Dresden sampler on linen.  I started and didn’t know where I was going. I just let it happen.
  223. Nothing out of the usual.
  224. Jacket Embellishment
  225. A crazy quilt
  226. Baby Tag blanket
  227. childrens clothing
  228. Christmas Tree Skirt
  229. Baby onesie. The embroidery was a monkey under a palm tree playing baseball with coconuts.  After completing and get it packed up to send I found a small hole in the crouch area.  I quickly readied the machine and rehooped the onesie. I embroidered several small piles of coconuts to cover the hole and hopefully not to ??noticable!!   They loved the gift and laughed at the coconut positions.
  230. Embroidering faces on dolls.
  231. Heart shaped satin pillow with lots of fancy embroidery on it. Made it when I was a teenager.
  232. Wall hanging and table runners
  233. Embroidery tile scenes from Anita Goodesign.
  234. 2 haunted houses (free standing lace) by OESD.
  235. took a pillow apart, quilted it with embroidery and put it back together.
  236. Designed a Rooster to embroidery
  237. Stumpwork
  238. A sashiko sampler
  239. Twin bedspreads
  240. Twilled blocks quilt.
  241. I mix embroidery and beads and ribbons with traditional quilting as well as applique, wool applique, and mixed media (ie. wool, silk, velvet, linen, etc.) Each piece is different.
  242. Embroidered a religious garment for a friend.
  243. Stumpwork – 3 dimensional work where components of a picture are done separately, then the picture is assembled
  244. sugar skulls
  245. Abstract embroidery on hand painted silk
  246. A tea cup quilt
  247. Crazy quilting a vest. I have entered it in the Wisconsin state fair and won 3rd in a field of 18.
  248. A patchwork crazy quilt bear and various garments with free form emboridery.
  249. Made a quilt for my son out of our old blue jeans and hand embroidered the squares. 40 years ago!.
  250. I made an applique and machine thread-painted old truck covered in a foot of moss hidden into the trees. It’s about 36 inches square. It hung in our local Professional Center for a few months. It’s  my favorite project so far and want to do more like it.
  251. Sharon Schamber where we use the outline stitch to outline and applique at the same time.
  252. Nothing unusual – weird question!
  253. Wildlife projects
  254. Sue Spargo’s “Cuppa” BOM
  255. Hand embroidered Easter eggs
  256. Kid size chef apron for grand kids.
  257. On a Little Brown Bird quilt that took me 6 years to complete
  258. An Afghan blanket
  259. Santa treat baskets
  260. Crayon quilt with embroidery outline
  261. Trying learn Brazilian Embroidery
  262. Aprons for Christmas
  263. Crabapple Hill Studio Gingerbread Houses quilt
  264. Crazy quilt
  265. Custom design on a dance studio shoe bag.
  266. Smocked dresses with embroidered collars; silhouttes of my grandbabies hands appliqued and embroidered; silk ribbon monograms; felt fairies and their clothes
  267. Reconstruct antique needle lace repair and added bead flower embellishments
  268. Cross stitched on a woven welcome mat
  269. Embellishments to cover quilt mistakes, lol
  270. Anything Crabapple Hill
  271. Cross stitching and free stitching
  272. Sampler of stitches, freeform, I love to try new techniques
  273. Crazy quilt
  274. Sue Spargo wool
  275. Pretty typical embroidery projects.  Working on an old 1970s “Sundance” crewel embroidery project.
  276. Ribbon and beads on a Christmas stocking
  277. A lap quilt for a sister-in-law
  278. For me, it was a goldwork embroidery class. It was unusual because I was not familiar with the materials, tools and techniques used in goldwork.  I would like to do more of it.  I can definitely see using goldwork to embellish a handsewn bag, jacket or scarf.
  279. Mostly I do dish towels for gifts.
  280. U.S. Army Emblem
  281. Free form blue snowflakes on a white fleece hat
  282. I want to experiment with a variety of new and old  stitches.
  283. When I was in high school I embroidered playing cards onto my jeans.
  284. Crazy patchwork vests.
  285. Embroidered dishtowels when a child; also embroidered a quilt block.
  286. Challenge for fair competition.
  287. Silk.
  288. In the hoop quilt
  289. Denim shirts in the ’70s
  290. 15 sided biscornu
  291. Squared up and boarded 20 of my grandmothers embroidery squares. I then had one of them framed for my self and shared the others with cousins. They are 100 years old.
  292. Embroidered quilt squares on crown of thorns Mini quilt
  293. quilt and embroidery combine
  294. Wendy Williams o Christmas tree — I had never done wool appliqué mixed with embroidery and beadwork
  295. embroidered trim on a few sweatshirts to customize them
  296. crazy quilting
  297. Flower pounding wall hanging
  298. I frequently use Embroidery on my quilting projects and labels.  Have made a number of Embroidery baby quilts.  I learned to embroider as my first craft when I was 5or 6.
  299. VHS Player Cover (quilted).
  300. Wool appliqué
  301. 3 dimensional
  302. A ribbon embroidered heart shaped wreath, never finished
  303. A quilt that was colored first with crayons, then heat set and embroidery added .
  304. The best for last, what was the most unusual embroidery project you’ve ever done? One thousand, five hundred eighteen of you replied…
  305. No wonder embroidery is such a popular sport with quilters.
  306. Eight out of ten said yes! And number nine thought you asked, “Is your importer quitting?”, but once they understood the question they said yes too!
  307. Do you mix your embroidery with your quilting? Oh yeah, you betcha!
  308. When do you embroider? 1/3 of you said weekly!
  309. a cross-stitched Christmas card
  310. I painted a fairly large piece of fabric with paintstiks and am now added lots of embroidery.
  311. Created a doorstopper in redwork using a pattern from Bird Brain Designs.
  312. Still trying to learn how to do embroidery. I need to get a project to work on. I have done cross-stitch & French knots, but that’s it.
  313. Table cloth
  314. Embroidery using computerized software
  315. Sue Spargo Block of the month
  316. Embroidered flower
  317. A table runner with   Claudia Dinnell
  318. Trimmed a shirt
  319. Copy of an antique piece
  320. crazy quilts, quilted Christmas stockings, felted wool projects, embellished African quilt, and couching along seams on many quilts
  321. A vest for the change of the century “2000” for a friend
  322. In the late 70’s, I embroidered a patch to be appliqued to a blouse.
  323. On quilt tote bags
  324. Ribbon embroidery on the bottom of a bride’s slip
  325. placemats from vinyl shelf lining
  326. I recovered a turtle shaped foot stool with crazy quilting, and did embroidery over the seams in the quilt. it turned out so cute.
  327. I made a quilt that was supposed to be hand embroidered but I did it all with my regular sewing machine, using some decorative stitches and some utility stitches.
  328. I embroidered my car’s name with a flower on the carpet dashboard cover over the glove box.  It was awesome!
  329. 14 quilted prayer shawls with embroidery designs all over them.
  330. My “Dragon Quilt” I made for my daughter.  It is all brocades which frayed a little (learned my lesson there) and embroidered designs appropriate to her on the back.
  331. Wall hanging of our marriage license
  332. counted cross stitch “masterpiece” projects – reproductions of masterpiece paintings
  333. Burt Reynolds portrait
  334. Christmas stockings
  335. Wall hanging of St. Francis of Assis
  336. T-shirts, table runners, x-mas stockings, ornaments, quilts customized with embroidery
  337. A pillow with the candlestick embroidery
  338. Embroidered the outline then used crayons to color in the design.
  339. iphone cross body bag
  340. 15 sided biscornu
  341. 16 place mats and 10′ table runner
  342. I stitched designs from a vintage WWII butter premium. I added my father’s and my uncles’ names and birth and death dates that served during WWII.
  343. Ducktape
  344. A landscape quilt with the floral in machine and hand embroidery.
  345. Sashiko on a shirt.
  346. Add embroidery to everything. I even embroidered little bugs on my son’s shirt tails so he’d leave them tucked in.
  347. Embroidery with applique. Depicting illuminated letters -which is still a work in progress.
  348. Zentangle type embroidery. Free-form, make it up as you stitch.
  349. Made custom glasses cases with lots of cute embroidery for my friends.
  350. Quaddy Quilt after the characters in Thornton Burgess’ children’s book Old Mother West Wind. did embroidery in center of light fabric of a double Irish Chain and it was hand quilted.  Wedding gift for my son and his wife (from Massachusetts).
  351. Silk ribbon embroidery on a denim dress
  352. I included embroidery in two guild challenges and they were design elements that were added to other applique elements.  Both challenging but since I am doing another, not totally intimidating.
  353. I just finished the 2016 Piecemakers Calendar quilt with embroidery embellishments
  354. Stitched pumpkin seeds to a tablerunner
  355. On hem of jeans
  356. Don’t know, most of mine is pretty standard things.
  357. Stamp designs of little animals and created a quilt for niece.
  358. Nothing “unusual”.  Mostly framed pictures, pillows, towels and pillowcases.
  359. First time I attempted free-standing lace.
  360. I’m working on a crazy quilt and having fun with it.  Time consuming!  Each square is a new challenge!
  361. I made a quilt using a fabric with 3-inch circles on it.  Instead of quilting it like normal, I used embroidery in each circle and between to hold the layers together.  I do everything – hardanger, cut work, x-stitch.
  362. Can’t really think of one that I would consider unusual.
  363. Italian cutwork embroidery when I was in  my 30s
  364. Hardanger
  365. Nothing unusual for most people, but I use my extra sew outs for other projects such as pillow tops and tote bags.
  366. large cat in flower garden watching the five birds in the tree….the cat and birds are all thread, the flowers are both fabric and thread  about 3ft. tall /2ft. wide…
  367. A crazy quilt book cover
  368. Embroidered quilt patterns on tea towels
  369. Paper pieced in a wheel with embroidery on all seams
  370. Family did a family tree shirt for my mother years ago. Each family member made a contribution to the project in a round robin style. She loved it and wore until it was threadbare.
  371. Leather coasters
  372. Created fabric design on linen for a stuffed cat using needlepoint, satin stitch and probably over a dozen other embroidery stitches. Lots of different colors also.
  373. Crazy quilt with a celestial theme included a black hole and several nebula.
  374. Embroidery on a stuffed, smocked animal
  375. Seed bead embroidery in flowers.
  376. Baby quilt and chef’s apron
  377. Embellishments on clothing. Also did a framed Pheasants and wildlife piece for my Dad many years ago.
  378. Embroidered my grandkids names on their Christmas PJ’s but they had to find it (I hid it under a back pocket.
  379. Wool owls I glued to my wallpaper border in the guest bedroom.
  380. I have not done any unusual projects.
  381. I appliquéd a butterfly from vintage fabric onto anew solid fabric. Then I added a variety of free embroidery to that solid background.
  382. Christmas ornaments
  383. Snow white and the 7 dwarves
  384. Mixed media landscape. Stitch expressions exaggerating and building up stitches.
  385. Machine embroidered fans
  386. A sigil
  387. A large animal crewel work
  388. A fancy monogram on my daughter’s cloth headboard
  389. Embroidery on a burlap Christmas  stocking
  390. Embroidered a longhorn bull head on the back of a shirt, with label “bullshirt”.
  391. Finished Embroidered quilt blocks (front,batting, back) and then sewing together to make quilt: love in the hoop projects.
  392. Voodoo veve design on a friend’s hat — always gets positive comments
  393. A round bag to hold my hexie flowers.
  394. Quilt label panels with names, then made into pin cushions for gifts.
  395. Crabapple Hill Pattern that had the embroidery starting around quilt blocks & flowing into the borders
  396. Combined embroidered squares with quilted squares
  397. I don’t think my embroidery is unusual. . . this seems like a strange question to me!
  398. Motorcycle on a kitchen dish towel
  399. Silk ribbon flowers on lamp shades
  400. I embroidered ‘kitchen towel’ on all my kitchen towels so my husband would stop taking them to the garage.
  401. My current one ~ quilted, stitched, painted, collaged and embroidered.
  402. A reversible silk quilt (34″ x 54″) with a large variety of embroidery stitches in abstract patterns.  I call it “My Quilt for My Old Age” as between the texture of the silk and that of the switches, I will be able to enjoy it even if I can no longer see.
  403. I am currently working on a free-form piece that will probably be extended into several separate related pieces. My vision is to combine the embroidered work with machine embroidery, couching, piecing and fusing to create an art quilt.  Total dimensions are undetermined. Vision may change as I progress.
  404. Toilet Paper embroidery for Christmas Presents!
  405. I’m pretty conventional,   What can I say…I’ve done numerous pictures several tablecloths and a Sampler. My grandmother and Mom began teaching me when I was 5 yrs old.  It brings back so many fond memories.
  406. Towel wraps, crafts
  407. While making my daughters breast cancer quilt, after finishing I went back and embroidered other cancer ‘ribbons’ on the plain back.
  408. I made a verse that was surrounded by the names and birth dates of all my mothers grandchildren
  409. I altered one of my photo’s in my computer,and printed it on bubble jet prepared fabric. I painted it with intense pencils, then thread painted over that.  I did a bit of Brazilian embroidery for accent.
  410. My blue jeans years ago. I wish they still fit.
  411. Bookmark with the date my children read their first book to me on it so I didn’t forget.
  412. I made a “love” quilt for a friend who’s husband had died.  The blocks were hearts and then I also had hand embroidered hearts blocks.  In the center area of the quilt I had a block with their names embroidered with some hearts there too. She loves it! AND I made up the pattern myself!
  413. Lettering with applique on a quilt that I quilted with my APQS long arm quilter
  414. Medieval wall hanging
  415. Hardanger table runner
  416. Initials on a swimming coat
  417. I finished a jacket that my grandmother started
  418. Pillows, wall hanging and clothing probably a tag for my home sewn clothing was the most unusual.
  419. Hangers for my closet. They make a nice gift too.
  420. Working on a music quilt for granddaughter
  421. Reproduction designs on garments for Infant of Prague statue.
  422. Embroidered an abstract landscape on canvas as part of a mixed media acrylic painting.
  423. Embellished wool sheep for a baby room wall
  424. Embroidered placemats from Lunch Box Quilts.
  425. Large . . .red work Christmas quilt.
  426. A fabric pumpkin
  427. Patchwork on jeans pockets for my kids. Pictures words and when they reached 4th grade they asked me to please stop. They got tired of the kids laughing and teasing them.
  428. I did two different Peter Rabbit counted cross stitch patterns for two baby quilts.
  429. I designed, embroidered and framed a piece for my husband before we were married. He liked it and didn’t think it was a “weird” gift.
  430. Claudia Dinnell’s “Through The Woods” design.
  431. Harley Davidson bath towels
  432. I am doing one now with some blocks being totally embroidered for a quilt & can be put together with unembroidered blocks to complete the quilt.
  433. I did the space aliens from a game the kids play on a dark blue sweatshirt in neon colors.
  434. I made a landscape quilt and embroidered the trees on the hills.
  435. I’ve embroidered on clothing to hide rips/stains.
  436. Full size Alice In Wonderland themed Crazy Quilt
  437. Blackwork trim for a renaissance shirt.
  438. A candlewicking Christmas tree skirt.
  439. One of a kind quilted and embroidered Christmas stocking featuring a Nativity Scene.  Or replica of a 17th highly technical blue and white piece floral piece.
  440. I have hand and machine embroidered (regular sewing machine) on paper when making hand-made birthday cards.
  441. Making a nativity set including all figures with embroidered robes and/or saddle blankets, faces, etc.
  442. An entire tablecloth, flowers and vines, 84″x120″, also the toes of my daughter’s socks so she can tell which socks are hers at camp.
  443. Was asked to make a quilt from a crayon drawing.  I incorporated embroidery for some of the elements.
  444. Mixed flowers in a basket.   Also so Halloween. Whichs
  445. When my children were small, I used to do combination applique and embroidery on dresses, rompers, etc.  I had many requests to supply other people with these one-of-a-kind efforts, but my time was really limited!
  446. Crazy quilt class
  447. Work shirts, bell bottom jeans, dish towels, pillow cases, quilts …..
  448. Embellishment on the first Birdie wool kits.
  449. English crewel embroidery patterns
  450. Band for wedding veil with silk ribbon
  451. Samplers, redwork, and, as a child, table scarfs and pillowcases
  452. Placemats on shelf liner
  453. Hardly unusual but I was adding embroidery to quilt projects before I learned most people don’t.
  454. Stick horse head entirely embroidered!
  455. Redwork tea towels with lovely phrases for my mother-in-law…in case she ever finds herself at a loss for words.
  456. My daughter’s wedding quilt, it has 12 embroidered  blocks with about 800 hours of hand stitching.
  457. Pumpkin patch pillow
  458. The most unusual project I have ever sewn was a three-story hot air balloon for my grandson to take an historic solo flight for an 8 year old child.  If I could have added embroidery to it, I would have.
  459. Butterflies in my daughter’s wedding veil.
  460. A quilt block for Pat Sloan’s splendid sampler…
  461. A quilt consisting of 25  nine inch squares.  Each one  was of a different vegetable.  For example, one had 25 small carrots embroidered solid.  It was from a mail order from a craft magazine in the mid 70’s.  I had to trace the patterns onto tracing paper then transfer them with carbon onto the fabric.  Back then cd not find good 100 percent cotton.  Took me 17 yrs. to finish.  It was my first quilt.
  462. Animals on a baby quilt
  463. Did squares and center of mother goose and other nursery rhymes and then sashed it with fabric.
  465. Cross stitch on a knit shirt
  466. Working on a nature picture with flowers and birds using new stitches
  467. A section of the Bayeau Tapestry–in crewel.
  468. A wool and cotton table runner
  469. I have hand-embroidered faces on cloth dolls.
  470. A tiny little hand embroidery kit (about 3″X 5″ area) with 2 long tailed birds sitting on a branch covered with red blossoms.  Most of the stitches were less than 1/4 inch long.  I couldn’t do it today without a magnifying glass!
  471. A pall for a funeral.
  472. Ringbearer’s pillow for son’s wedding.
  474. The wall quilt I spoke of earlier.
  475. The entire bodice and sleeves of a dress.
  476. Christmas Village Free Standing Lace
  477. Red work, names on Christmas stockings, tea towels, embellishment.
  478. Affairs Of the Heart queen size quilt
  479. Silk ribbon flowers on a poster.
  480. Stitching with perle cotton  and DMC on a fused flannel art quilt.
  481. The one I’m doing currently for #1yearofstitches. One hoop. Stitch every day for a year. No planning. It’s going to be a mad dense riot of color by Dec 31st – and I’m loving it!
  482. The Hoop Sisters Sewn Seeds quilt
  483. I machine embroidered a huge quilt with all kinds of animals and symbols to represent a family. It was very heavy when finished :-}
  484. Bed room slippers
  485. Sashiko
  486. Yoke of a dress.
  487. I made a wall hanging of a coral reef with stumpwork fish, reverse smocking, and dense embroidery to compliment the batik fabrics I used. I also did some hand painting and some computer printing in the work
  488. Slippers for my grandpa. Lots of fish and fly hooks.
  489. Yoke of a child’s dress
  490. A quilt designed by Sarah Vedeler.  It is amazing!
  491. Bookmark for the Bible the preacher used at my wedding. I still keep it in my Bible.
  492. Banners with ribbon embroidery.
  493. All my crazy quilting and some crazy quilts too! 🙂
  494. Name on a hat
  495. Flowers on straw hats.
  496. Hoop Sisters 168 blocks feathered star.  Won best of show for our local guild.  2015
  497. Design on a chambray shirt
  498. Hardanger embroidery.
  499. A beaded pillbox hat for my Jackie O “appearance ” at a fashion show.
  500. Wide inset wasteland in wool crewel work…..also made the long dress. It was the 70s, but I must say it didn’t screen the 70s.
  501. Initials in the toes of socks. Sure made sorting laundry easier.
  502. created my own design of a local attraction
  503. Embroidered flowers and vines on the sashing of a quilt
  504. Depends on your definition of unusual, not to mention unusual for what decade. I just learned about thread painting, or embroidery on printed fabrics to enhance the design. And in the 1970s I embroidered original designs on denim all the time, but that wasn’t really unusual then.
  505. A Sue Spargo project in wool with lots of embellishments.
  506. Making luggage tags.  It was different that what i was use to doing, which is embroidering quilt blocks to incorporate into a quilt.
  507. I repaired a pieced velvet quilt and repaired the embroidery around the blocks
  508. I made crazy quilt hexagons from cotton fabrics, used Victorian stitches on the pieces.  I made purple velvet hexagons,  with a center of white threads, began embroidering snowflakes from the center out.  I used varying values of lavender threads (DMC pearl cotton, size 5) beginning with a pale value up to a deep purple on the final round of the snowflake.  I was going to put them together into a quilt.  Unfortunately, my home burned down, taking all that work with it.  Sometime I shall work up that idea again.  I copied some stitches my grandmother had used in her crazy quilt, also lost in the fire.  I never met that grandmother because she died  from the complications of measles when my father was eleven years old.  She also used house paints to paint pictures of flowers, and birds on her velveteen pieces.
  509. Pillow case letters in different languages
  510. I made a quilt for my Great nephew of hand embroidery in the quilt
  511. Quilted jacket/shirt with embroidered butterflies.
  512. A pirate hat for a customer
  513. The one I’m working on now. Embroidering 12 – 12″ squares, commercial barn block designs on the Moda Grunge fabric, using Finca 16 thread in charcoal gray so it looks like sketches. Love how it’s coming out!
  514. A table cloth that took me 40 years to finish!!!!!
  515. Embroidered frog taxonomy on grandson’s quilt.
  516. I embroider the layers together instead of quilting first then embroider!!!!”
  517. Necklaces with silk ribbon embroidery
  518. Some Russian stitches that I learned as a child
  519. designing a table topper
  520. Hot glued embroidery flowers to my fingernails
  521. It isn’t unusual, but I traced an image on a plate that was gifted to me, and then embroidered it and gave it to the person who gifted the plate to me.
  522. Brazilian embroidery in a Hawaiian theme, including 3D  palm trees.
  523. Birdie Stitches BOM quilt
  524. Mine are all pretty normal.
  525. I embroidered a mini quilt for my bathroom
  526. Lots of jeans, workshirts. I made a pocket watch coming out of my nephew’s jeans when he was 3.  I embroider pillows that are made from work uniforms.
  527. To embellish a Baltimore Album style quilt
  528. Embroidered the front placket of a hippie sort of shirt when I was in high school in the late 70s.
  529. Cross stitch quilt labels
  530. A quilt made from counted cross stitch squares.
  531. Bib overalls
  532. Abstract art embroidery
  533. The face of Jesus
  534. A stole for my brother who is a Catholic priest.
  535. An honor flag staff banner for a boy scout troop.
  536. Sashiko flowers
  537. Embroider center panel with quilted border.
  538. I’ve done crazy quilting with embroidery and made a great evening clutch.  Do pillowcases and crochet edges for gifts.  Embroidered collars and on pockets for my daughters homemade dresses.  Embroidered a beautiful ring bearers pillow for my sister 40 years ago.   Nothing too unusual, but a variety!
  539.  Greeting cards
  540. A crewel work block for a baby quilt featuring a swan swimming.
  541. On crazy quilt squares
  542. Most of my quilts!
  543. In the 1960’s I couched yarn ponytail ties & knitting yarn in a freeform loopy style onto a burlap bag.
  544. Mistrial stoles
  545. Embellished a small art quilt
  546. My LQS is doing Gossip in the Garden pattern with embroidery on solids instead of prints.
  547. I designed a rose bloom motif and embroidered 20 small rose bloom blocks and incorporated them into a beautiful pink and white baby quilt.
  548. Redwork quilt and ornaments
  549. I love doing applique with textured fabrics.
  550. Christmas tree skirt mixed with patchwork of prior projects.
  551. Embroidery on quilt blocks
  552. Made grids of holes on shoeboxes for my children to ’embroidery’ on.
  553. Wine bags
  554. Jean jacket, with other embellishments
  555. Beer logos on boxers
  556. A crazy quilt with a theme relating to gardens.
  557. Two bird pillows, from a kit but used some different  stitches then the pattern called for.
  558. Design used as quilting.
  559. I embroider and bead applique on quilts.
  560. I do crazy patch embroidery. Last year I made two wall hangings, a Trump and a Clinton. Also, my Christmas stocking is a crazy patch.
  561. I embroidered a large fantasy tree on the back of a jacket. It is approximately 12 inches square.  I will be adding some birds and flowers to it soon.
  562. A machine embroidered miniature quilt.
  563. Creating “moss” and “lichen” on a wood background with yarn and embroidery floss.
  564. Sewing box with pincushion, emery berry, needle holder, thread cutter, ECT.
  565. I don’t think of any embroidery as a unusual project. But the Route 66 pattern is taking the longest
  566. Brazilian embroidery
  567. Created an embroidery design from a wedding invitation.
  568. Critters crawling out of kid’s jacket pockets.
  569. Feels Like Spring pattern.
  570. Using a doubled variegated 40wt quilting thread to embroider a continuous quilting motif on a plain white 10″ square. Beautiful
  571. Embroidery with or a crazy quilt.
  572. I made an engagement quilt using Precious Moments cross stitch pieces that correlated to the couple’s( my brother and sister in law) milestones. ( My sister in law was a huge Precious Moment collector at the time). Saving the fabrics used to border each square I made a birth announcement quilt with a counted cross stitch center that recorded the birth of my niece and nephew. I loved incorporating my cross stitch skills with my sewing skills.
  573. Counted cross stitched state birds and incorporated them in a quilt of my design
  574. Denim  Handbag
  575. An art quilt that has a handpainted , collaged design on a whole cloth back that is machine embroidered in swaths of tone on tone colour
  576. Wall crewel picture
  577. Hand embroidery on a crazy quilt using silk kimono fabrics
  578. Monogram a man’s suit jacket
  579. Crewel work lanscapes
  580. “Extreme” embroidery pins. Approximately 12″ totally embroidery covered characters.
  581. An antique prayer shawl using gold thread.
  582. King sized bedspread
  583. I embroidered the names of bride and groom on a Jewish wedding canopy.
  584. Fabric art with felt and embroidery, beads
  585. Trees for a landscape
  586. I did a quilted wall hanging of a cat walking on a fence in a field of grasses and wild flowers which were hand embroidered.  I used a piece of black velvet from a vintage dress for the cat.
  587. My current project!  Embroidered farm animals on blue cotton surrounding an appliqued farm scene with animals from Mckenna Ryan.
  588. Everyone in the family drew a picture, which I embroidered, then attached to quilt tops and finished the quilts. Did one for almost everyone in the family.
  589. Embroidered snow scenes with churn dash blocks together with a snowy center panel………still working on it.
  590. A 12″ x 12″ multi-media piece on sun printed fabric which I wrapped around a canvas for display. I looked at it each day, thought “what if?’  and added something.  Lots of fun!
  591. Initials in skivvies
  592. On a scrapbook page for my daughter
  593. Tablecloth with free machine work
  594. My embroidery is usually on quilted items, but I have done a few household items like dish towels and aprons.
  595. A medium size wall hanging…all red work ..
  596. Raven heads that turned into waves as part of the background for an appliqued killer whale (Athabascan style) for a round quilt wall hanging.  There was no pattern for any of it, I used a note card as a starting guide.
  597. Earrings
  598. A large crewel embroidered picture as a wedding present
  599. A ribbon embroidery Christmas stocking.
  600. I am still working on it. It is the Quilters Garden. It is hand embroidery.  I have been having trouble with my hands so I don’t work on it as much as I would like to.
  601. Hiding stubborn blood stains on jeans with satin stitched flowers and ladybugs, and hiding a HUGE ink stain on a blouse with satin and braided chain stitching.
  602. Silk ribbon embroidery, love doing it!
  603. I did a crazy quilt incorporating photographs on silk of my grandchildren.
  604. Embroidera quilt…squares done on embroidery machine and then put together to make a  quilted wall hanging.
  605. Labels for the back of my quilts
  606. Japanese silk on silk embroidery with couched gold thread.
  607. A combination of embroidery and crewel using different threads and needles on a course linen.
  608. A winter decorator pillow with a mix of embroidered snowflakes, knitted trees/trunks and decorative buttons.
  609. Embellishment of Baltimore album quilts
  610. Headband
  611. 2015 Row by Row Experience Row from Quilter’s Fancy in Ohio had a mermaid that had all kind of embroidery embellishments.  Lazy daisy, spoke and wheel, chain, back stitch, and many more.  I used a pirates chest design and embroidered it on with my machine.  Then added tons of beads.
  612. Men’s tie for father’s day
  613. I made a quilt with two baby alligators which received a Judges Recognition ribbon at the 2016 pensacola, Florida show. The title is “”Play date in the everglades “”.
  614. A growth chart with Sue Spargo patterns.
  615. I’m a digitizer so I’ve done many embroidery/quilting projects.  My Zoo quilt with a panel scene of animals, a hut and applique trees is probably the most unusual – it also has paper pieced unique squares in the quilt.
  616. Embroidered quilts – they draw a lot of comment but I also like to embroider on jackets.
  617. Sue Spargo wool applique and embroidery
  618. Finished a cross stich quilt top that my grandmother started in the 60’s, my mother worked on in the 70’s and I worked on and finished in late 90’s.
  619. I reproduced a very tiny coat of arms.
  620. Art Quilt with machine and hand stitches.
  621. Minature  snowman embroidery made into a quilted wall hanging
  622. A seasonal sampler with many different kinds of stitches – I’d like to learn more about Brazilian embroidery stitches!
  623. Large quilt blocks
  624. Embroidered on a jeans jacket.
  625. Unusual would be an embroidered denim jacket with added seed beads.  Biggest and most time consuming project was a hand embroidered queen size bed spread
  626. Bell pull and heirloom sewing
  627. The back of a denim jacket
  628. A Thanksgiving tablecloth of signatures and dates.
  629. A wallhanging in wool.
  630. Design from one of my photos.
  631. Quilt embellishment and a winter wall hanging.
  632. Have embroidered nothing out of the ordinary.
  633. Cross stitch kit purchased on my honeymoon and worked on during subsequent trips…finished 4+ years later!
  634. A denim-look hat with a floppy 4-5 inch brim. There are no stitches or knots showing on the inside, nor under the brim. Full of woodland animals, flowers, whimsey. The top is a huge sun. I made it at 16, I still have it, and surely it’s back in style. Again.
  635. 24 blocks of SunBonnet Sue for quilt for granddaughter.  Did they over a 2 year span as we traveled.
  636. A handbag
  637. Currently doing embroidery embellishment on crazy quilt blocks for pillows.  Major FUN!!!
  638. Prefer to embroider reproduction samplers.
  639. Embroidering and coloring the image first.
  640. Seat cushion
  641. Screen printed silk embroidery with peacock’s printed on it, back in the 70’s.
  642. Coffin Cover
  643. A fascinator for a friend to wear to a horse race.
  644. Candlewicking
  645. In the hoop heart box
  646. A cat pillow completely covered in embroidery.
  647. A vest covered with silk flowers embroidery.
  648. Brazilian with silk Ribbons on a doll.
  649. Journal cover
  650. Hand embroidery on a jean jacket
  651. Embroidery to embellish a hand quilted wall hanging for my home.
  652. I just finished a Scandinavian Christmas tree quilt with lots of wool appliqué and hand embroidery. Turned out beautifully and was lots of fun to work on.
  653. I hand embroidered a HUGE zodiac sign on the back of my brother’s denim jacket while he was away in the service in the 1973. I love him so, and missed him so much, the project soothed my heart.
  654. I don’t believe I have done anything really unusual
  655. Silk on leather
  656. Embroidery a design around a patch on a pair of jeans to disguise the tear.
  657. Decorating a pencil roll/case
  658. Cross stitch Santa and children with small beads.
  659. Dishtowels, blouses, placemats, etc.
  660. Embellishments for a hand appliqued quilt.
  661. Free standing lace star to top a Christmas tree in a wall quilt.
  662. Darin stitch on bib overalls
  663. Sewing French knots on an applique rose with various color threads and as many as I could fit.
  664. A sampler of many stitches
  665. Hand embroidered cartoon panels for a child’s quilt.
  666. embroidered a panda mama and baby for the centerpiece of a quilt.  Used embroidery to make hair/fur on the pandas.
  667. Dragon on silk from a South African company
  668. 32 ct cross stitch sampler
  669. Hoffman Challenge sewing box.
  670. Cat sitting in a window with flowered drapes
  671. A snowman pattern I created that used couching, machine stitching and hand embroidery.
  672. Garter belt for a friend’s wedding
  673. Detailed cross stitch.
  674. Crazy Quilt
  675. A vintage baby walker.
  676. I mixed couching and other stitches with a needlepoint project.
  677. Used coloring book pages to trace designs to embroider specific characters.
  678. Animals for child’s quilt
  679. Block of the month made into a quilt
  680. Round Robin with other quilt guild members.  I did the center embroidery piece and others did a round of a boarder.
  681. I was really into crazy quilting for a while. I made a small wallhanging and a pincushion in all white fabrics with white, cream and pastel embroidery.
  682. Using heavier thread on wildlife quilt blocks.
  683. A crazy quilt bedspread, love theme, featuring anniversaries and birthdays
  684. I embroidered the bands name on the covers I made for their amps, etc.
  685. Crazy quilt vest.
  686. An art quilt with lots of embroidery and using silk dupioni fabric.
  687. Labels for my quilts
  688. Snow Globes by Crabapple Hill Studio
  689. Gingerbread men and house
  690. Crazy quilting
  691. I’ve done several pieces where I did the embroidery first and then designed a quilt to highlight it.
  692. A mix of many different stitches and designs I drew of animals, flowers, hearts etc. just whatever popped into my mind. Which I colored with crayon and enhanced with stitches on a creamy white 16 X 16 background. I also used flannel on the back and hand stitched with tiny running stitches in rainbow variegated floss using only 1-strand of  DMC floss. Iv’e completed one and almost done with another. I’ve truly enjoyed doing this in both old stitches and new ones and it was a fun learning project!
  693. Fixed an old red work quilt that the threads came loose and I had to recreate and match existing work
  694. Created framed picture of opossum playing a violin, sitting on a stool.
  695. Embroidered the center and then border lettering on our city’s Bicentennial Quilt
  696. Doll clothes
  697. My daughter is an artist. In her early teens (13), she drew several line drawings which I kept  (40) years. I have now put the drawing son to fabric and hand embroidered them in Redwork, which I am going to frame/quilt for her birthday..
  698. Baby Quilt with embroidered “boys-fishing”
  699. Making feathers on an American Indian quilt that I designed
  700. I don’t believe my projects are unusual.
  701. Some pillows
  702. A stuffed lamb buddy that I embroidered dg birthdate on & made a bib for the lamb that I embroidered her name on, cause I just couldn’t seem to hoop the belly
  703. A quilt top that is all embroidery. It has an embroidered border and a big center motif of roses. I’ve been working on it since August 2016. I figure it’ll take me about a year to complete as I quilt and sew also.
  704. Flowers
  705. My late husband wanted me to make us a quilt, as I was always making quilts for someone else.  I made a Queen size embroidered quilt .  Took quite some time to finish,  I did the quilting by pin basting and done on a hoop.
  706. Free motion crewel embroidery with sewing machine
  707. Quilt top
  708. Putting faces and decorations on Christmas Tree hand puppets and embelishing costumes for my daughter’s dance recital
  709. Squares from the “five & dime” back in the 1950s which were sewn into a doll quilt for my daughter in 1970s. My grand children have just out grown dolls so I will put it away and wait for the “greats” to be born.
  711. Crab apple hill snow days
  712. Crazy quilt block
  713. Nothing too unusual.  pincushions, pillow, wall art.  Plan to do velvet crazy quilt with embroidery work,
  714. Summer challenge for our church sewing & quilting group.  Using only 2 colors (drawn from a grab bag) + 1 neutral, I made a twin size quilt
  715. I don’t have an unusual project.
  716. A sampler
  717. Salem  witches Halloween quilt
  718. I’m working on a prayer stole of a pelican that is a combination of quilting hand embroidery and trap unto.
  719. Made a hand embroidery from machine embroidered Christmas cards I made.
  720. Animals on a baby quilt
  721. My son’s name on the back of a jean jacket. Didn’t work. It was stolen anyway.
  722. Most of my embroidery is to create quilt labels. I haven’t done unusual. I’ve made a gift card holder completely within the hoop, as well as gift bags and notepad covers.
  723. Wall hangings, pictures, quilts
  724. Haven’t done it yet, but want to mix crazy quilted and embroidery with hexagons.  I saw a book from an Australian quilter and it looks amazing.  Also embroidery – mixing embroidery with beading.
  725. King-size kit
  726. Diaper Covers
  727. Large Thomas Kinkaid cross stitch where every square was crossed.  Lots of flowers and ‘light’.  I also did a baby quilt years ago with appliqued ducks and lots of various types of embroidery – won a blue ribbon at the state fair for that one in 1976.
  728. A Christmas themed hanging
  729. The front door of a skirt
  730. Gift card pockets from paper, fabric and scrap embellishments.  Great fun.
  731. The Lords Last Supper
  732. I haven’t done anything really unusual. I am working on a blackwork project of Victorian ladies.
  733. Did Audubon Christmas Quilt on Emb. machine
  734. Applique quilt
  735. I love stitching flowers.
  736. Decorating a Denim Shirt was my craziest!
  737. Bikini
  738. Towels, doilies and the occasional embellishment on wool appliqué
  739. Made a square snowman all in the hoop except the sewing.
  740. Christmas quilt — not very unusual.
  741. Learning crewel and canvas, but I enjoy it.
  742. Embroidery with Sue Spargo
  743. Crazy quilt
  744. A queen size quilt, pattern “Tulip Time”, done in Lakehouse fabrics, embroidery and appliqué.  It took one year to complete.
  745. Elvis quilt
  746. Many machine emb. projects, embroidered on Kraftex, on plastic screen, embroidered a denim purse.
  747. A study in white. Needlepoint
  748. Scenes of the Quapell Lakes
  749. Coasters for drinks – I embroidered the school mascot and teacher’s name, cut the embroidery into a circle that fit into an acrylic coaster blank.  My son gave one to each of his teacher’s as part of a Christmas gift.
  750. Quilted a quilt in-the-hoop
  751. Embroidery is EXTRAORDINARY.  There is no “usual” embroidery.
  752. Large square flower
  753. Designed and hand embroidered violet motif on bodice of caftan
  754. Doilies with embroidery machine
  755. Using my own designs digitized to make a memory quilt from a trip through Great Britain.
  756. I just do a lot of redwork, bluework,  greenwork, blackwork, or what ever color I feel like working in. Currently it is purplework.  I like to do embroidery on wool.
  757. A crewel embroidery pillow top when I was in Jr. High!
  758. I recently found that pillow and am thinking about using it as the center of a medallion quilt!”
  759. Patch for a jacket
  760. A clock face
  761. A duplicate of a GS rank pin
  762. 9 hand embroidered blocks and hand quilted memory throw quilt for a deceased granddaughter’s sister.
  763. Leather(ultra suede) jacket.wish I could still wear it!!
  764. Mixing hand embroidery with a hand appliqued quilt….turned out beautifully
  765. Needlepoint for an antique Victorian ladies chair.  Worked with my father: he refinished the chair to it’s original luster, I created a striped floral pattern in needlepoint that we recreated the upholstered seat, back and arm rests for.
  766. Several, these are each different
  767. Large wool sewing portfolio
  768. Sashiko
  769. Hand stitched monogrammed linen napkins for a wedding present.
  770. A king size quilt
  771. Machine embroidered leaves for appliqué on a table runner
  772. Baskets of flowers
  773. Hand embroidering ” Ludwig Van Beethoven “
  774. On the back of a music major’s favorite shirt!”
  775. Indoor Snowball Fight kits for my grandchildren.
  776. A very large horse head and flowing mane
  777. Repairing an antique screen. The biggest challenge was finding the correct shade. I had to tea and coffee dye threads to achieve the correct color: often, many shades before I got close.
  778. Quilt blocks
  779. I am about to undertake counted cross stitch name tags for our Christmas stockings at work.  I hope they will be done by Dec.
  780. used embroidery blocks as a whole cloth quilted wall hanging vs piecing the embroidered blocks by rows.
  781. My 16″ redwork pillow.  Took a long time, but I did it.
  782. Crayon colored quilt blocks with hand embroidery
  783. Over the river and through the woods ” wasn’t unusual,  but most time consuming.
  784. Not unusual but stunning results. I did 20 machine embroidery blocks of digital representations of Baltimore Quilt blocks and made a quilt with them.
  785. I have just embroidered pillowcases and tea towels.
  786. A bed sized crazy quilt with embroidered patches and seams.
  787. I copied a portrait of a Native American Chief out of a volume of Native American portraits.  I have no design skills, but I can replicate almost anything.  I do it for the pleasure of the process only and do not ever display it.
  788. I am a frustrated artist with no talent.  But I have embroidered since I was four years old.  I am now 75.”
  789. I made “License plates” for my mom and dad’s walkers with their names and apartment # on them.  They lived in an assisted living facility in California so I designed them to look like the CA car license plates.
  790. Cross stitched a quilt top and am in the process of hand quilting it.  It is full sized and I have been working with on and off for 35 years.
  791. I have done daily embroidery projects for five years and have two at a time going, resulting in 10 68″sq. finished pieces.
  792. A complete wall hanging; and Halloween treat bags utilizing burlap.
  793. Torah mantles for my synagogue
  794. Crewel embroidery on a pillow.
  795. Added a Lincoln/Obama redwork piece to an older quilt of mine.  I  used redwork motifs from Bonnie Browning’s “Designs On Freedom” and the free Obama motif you offered on the website.
  796. Face on pincushion doll.
  797. A Sue Spargo embellished wool bag
  798. Quilt blocks with cow girl things; horse, horse shoe, rope, hat and such
  799. Christmas stocking with ducks on it.
  800. Embroidery on satin (not easy)
  801. Machine embroidery on reproduction Lapp hat
  802. Machine embroidery on a memory quilt for my mother using photos from her birth to present day
  803. Tape measure covers
  804. Monogrammed pillowcases for my dad’s cousin when I was 7 years old.  They’re celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary this year.
  805. Silk ribbon embroidered on a purse.
  806. Quilt made entirely in the hoop
  807. Assorted flowers using some stitches that are raised.
  808. Floss embroidery around crayon coloring then ironed.
  809. The bottom of socks with unique sayings for Christmas gifts.
  810. Brazilian Embroidery
  811. A memorial on the side of a cloth covered ready made hand bag.
  812. Free standing lace Christmas ornaments
  813. I embroidered a Kaffe Fassett fabric to make a whole cloth wall hanging.  About 75% of the surface is embroidered.
  814. Counted cross stitch chickadees
  815. Embroidered pictures along with quilt blocks
  816. Peacock wall hanging.
  817. Crabtree Winter scene with lots of quilt blocks, it was fun
  818. I do a lot of Crabapple Hill Designs, basic redwork, and wool embroidery.  Hand embroidery makes my projects just a bit more personal and special.
  819. 3d wall hanging of my embroidery tools on the table for a quilting challenge.
  820. Quilt blocks with a verse on each block done in embroidery
  821. I’ve done a family crazy quilt with pictures of four generations on it . It has 12,241 beads on it, beside a lot of stitching and embroidery on it. It took me 54 weeks of work on it, using velvets and a lot of old fabrics from dresses long ago…
  822. The names at the top of Christmas stockings
  823. I made a copy of “International Sun Bonnet Sue” and used embroidery, wild fabrics and quilting to complete the project.
  824. I designed & stitched a piece for a musician friend that included a vibraphone instrument & several lines of music he had composed
  825. In my youth, I hand embroidered jackets for two motorcycle riders. They wanted their club colors to wear while riding.
  826. For me a tree with a large trunk and branches also had loads of flowers.
  827. Table centerpieces for daughter’s wedding, which were made into a wedding quilt.
  828. Jeans
  829. Digitized a French poem that I wrote in university (with a French font) 6″ high, that ran entirely around the border of a French Provincial challenge quilt.  Used my embroidery machine. A BIG JOB!! Required planning, spacing the words and extreme care in hooping.
  830. Feed bag for a horse
  831. An intricate wedding sampler that included many types of stitches in very fine detail. It also included beading and cut work.
  832. Sue Spargo’s African Journey BOM.
  833. Tea towels.   I embroider on the main design or near the bottom adding buttons and /or beads.
  834. Funeral words
  835. Mine are old fashioned traditional embroidery pieces
  836. A picture 8×10 full of flowers and I framed it
  837. Shirts
  838. I’ve added embroidery to a purchased shirt & numerous small & large quilts, but nothing unusual.
  839. Ribbon embroidered  jewelry bag  done by machine
  840. Crazy quilt, Christmas stocking, crewel pillow, heirloom smocking and embroidery
  841. I’ve quilted a quilt with my embroidery machine. Turned out beautiful!
  842. Just the basic
  843. A small wall hanging
  844. I did a quilt that had 12 hand Embrodiery blocks, 16 log cabin blocks and 270 – 2 1/2″ pieces to make the rest of the quilt in groups of scrappy 9 patches. It took 3 months of deligently working on it!!
  845. My work is run of the mill – pictures, pillows, ornaments, scissor fobs
  846. French General
  847. Variety of multicolor baskets set in quilt blocks.
  848. Crazy quilts
  849. Small wallhangings”
  850. A combination of wool and regular fabric.  Also did some Hawaiian embroidery.
  851. I have done just pretty standard embroidery.
  852. Stitcher’s Garden Quilt
  853. Jeans & matching jacket. I put a tree on the leg of the jeans and a house on the jacket.
  854. Crazy patch heart wall hanging 24 x 24
  855. Child’s animal quilt
  856. I did a counted cross-stitch “Last Supper” picture.
  857. Crazy quilt
  858. Cat
  859. Just cross stitch and embroidery with my appliques.
  860. Needlebook
  861. An art quilt with hand embroidery.
  862. A dragon down the leg of a pair of jeans.
  863. Bedspread
  864. Mixed embroidered squares with patchwork
  865. Long ago quilt top-alphabet in traditional red.
  866. Currently working on a very large bed quilt that is mostly embroidered.
  867. Quilting with captions under picture quilt.
  868. Several years ago I did some embroidery on the Wizard of  Oz quilt.
  869. I like African folklore embroidery. Don’t know how unusual it is, but it’s not commonly sold.
  870. When I was a child and had the mumps part of the treatment was to rest in dark room.  Some how I managed to get a set of dish towels and while no one was looking I embroidered the entire set.
  871. We used to do cross stitch on our gathered skirts and on dresses.
  872. I embroidered a unicorn for a friend.
  873. In college, Women’s Day Magazine had a craft project of birthday animals that you hand embroidered and then sewed together.  Long before embroidery machines
  874. A prayer shawl with the first names of all of my living relatives.
  875. I have done tons of name tags for people and lots of labels for the back of quilts, some include little motifs in addition to lettered information.
  876. I personalize lots of little gift items.
  877. All of the above is with my embroidery machine.
  878. Just for fun, I have a small “busy bag” at the ready to take along with hand embroidery – so that my fingers can stay busy.  I refer to that as “redeeming the time”.
  879. I enjoy doing these surveys.  Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share ideas.
  880. Button covers for wine glass charms and pacifier leashes
  881. Embroidering torn fabric, rust stains, paper, and grass.
  882. I do red work mostly now. Have done all presidents. Looking for Pres. Trump next.
  883. Sue Spargo bloock of the month quilt.  I have done 3
  884. Baby wash cloths
  885. A tag for grandsons tennis bag
  886. One of Crabapple’s designs using crayons also
  887. Halloween wreath
  888. Wool appliqué,quilt blocks.embroidert enhances the projects
  889. A cross stitch plaid ladybug, using waste canvas, stitched on the bacj of a denim shirt whil touring Scotland. Stitched in the  evenings but wore the shirt during the day (with the work in progress.)
  890. I embroidered on deer hide while making a bag for my son’s dice (used in role playing games).
  891. Decorated a sweatshirt jacket with applique and embroidery.
  892. Made a working clock by stitching out a design, then encasing an old CD inside…it sits on my entertainment center and is still working as long as I change the batteries each year….get more comments about it….
  893. My granddaughters bluejeans and jacket but love my crazy quilts
  894. Nothing out of the ordinary.  Personalized towels, zipper bags, wallets.  Also pieced and embroidered quilts.
  895. Western shirts
  896. I frequently do art pieces using old quilt blocks found at quilt shows.
  897. Wall handing with family name  then embellished with hand stitching. Also other pieces with a hand stitching “touch” if they seem appropriate. A gift my mother taught me before I learned to quilt! The two make a nice combination sometimes!
  898. I just finished a shell lap quilt. The top is 10 inch squares with different shells embroidered in each square. The back is shell fabric. I am giving it as a birthday gift and I am starting on a second one to give as a birthday gift. My two sister in laws and myself share a love of the beach. We live in Florida.
  899. Quilt mania wedding ring. Started it last year. Still slowly working on it. Love it.
  900. I was the recipient of 42 embroidered cat blocks  from my guild which I assembled and hand quilted .It is a favorite of mine!
  901. I am working on an Asian crazy quilt.
  902. My Mother came to live with my husband and I as she became more medically needy. She fell in love with red work and even more so with blue work. As her aged increased (10 years all total) she developed dementia but had spent long hours embroidering on the blue work top of sunbonnet sue and bill..as her dementia increased her stitches (once amazingly beautiful)declined as did her color choices-almost unrecognizable at times.I found the not yet completed piece after her death and debated what to do with it. Too glorious a memory -I now continue this large blue work to make into an heirloom quilt for our children…unusual stitches and colors and all.
  903. I have taken a picture out of a coloring book and then transfered it to cloth to embroider.  It was an old Bruins,  the hockey team, coloring book.
  904. Crazy quilt
  905. Years ago I did some embroidery for myself on a number of denim shirts that I had purchased.
  906. None of mine are unusual. I also do hand xs and I do hand embroidery stitches but mostly buttonhole applique and simple hand embroidery stitches.
  907. I am currently adding hand embroidery to my modern quilts. My biggest industry complaint is the fact the the beautiful threads that are available today are way over priced.
  908. I like to do crewel embroidery, however, I have not been able to locate kits for crewel, most especially crewel Christmas stockings. I still have need of 2 kits for grandchildren. Most unusual embroidery would have to be a large Christmas picture of a cat sitting in a window looking out at the snow.
  909. Using embroidery pattern for quilting.
  910. Hand embroidered large emblem on the backs of men’s shirts
  911. I haven’t done anything unusual – just sweatshirts, quilt blocks and table runners
  912. Ladies of the Sea Quilt
  913. Neck wraps for hospice patients made by myself and the kids I teach in our summer programs at our church.
  914. Hardanger
  915. A quilt combining coloring the pattern with crayons and then embroiderying the pattern and also adding beads.
  916. Quilt of Valor labels
  917. A large silver bird on the back of a wool cape, a very long time ago!
  918. A Mr. And Mrs. Santa Claus kit with a huge variety of stitches.
  919. Once did a fanciful bird in crewel that my then 6 year old called a gurney bood  (instead of goony bird). The name still stands!
  920. A hand embroidered original design for a crazy quilt for a guild raffle quilt
  921. Oriental paneled wall hanging.  It was free motion machine quilted with hand embroidered butterflies, leaves and stems,   embellished with beads and sequins.
  922. Crayon tinting and hand embroidery a quilt from Crabapple Hill
  923. I designed and embroidered a vase of every kind of crysthansimum that there is in a intricate vase.
  924. Christmas Cards, Earings,
  925. Working on a Crazy Quilt with all different stitches. Over casting each seam, all hand work.
  926. A entire quilt
  927. A Hoopsister quilt
  928. I made table decorations for my in-laws 60th anniversary party.  They were a freestanding 3-D lace swan (Sue Box design) and I made at least a dozen.  I had 2 embroidery machines going at the same time for days.
  929. Currently working on a Mother Goose quilt with hand embroidered squares and echo quilting around story characters.
  930. Embroidery on woven baskets
  931. On tuffet strips
  932. Embroidery stitches on abstract art quilts
  933. Have embroidered windscreen covers for motorcycles, embroidered covers for motorcycle seats, towels, quilts, blouses, pants, and am currently working on a vest with a sewing theme
  934. King sized cross stich
  935. Levi’s and Levi jacket for my daughter years and years ago
  936. Two quilts and lots of wool appliqué
  937. Fishing lure logos on my husband and his friends caps.
  938. Crazy squares on a shower curtain pattern I created.
  939. Van Gogh Church at Auvers
  940. Am in the process of doing a Halloween quilt that incorporates both.
  941. Embroidered Baskets
  942. Sandy Jenkins Nutcracker with dresses made of thousands of French knots and tiny little details, including weaving embroidery thread.
  943. An Irish themed row sampler with a multitude of specialty stitches as well as counted cross over 32 count Irish linen. It was a thank you gift for a friend.
  944. For me it was embroidering animals & bugs on 4-patches in a baby quilt.
  945. A lion’s head on the back of a denim jeans jacket
  946. Sampler from Catherine Redford’s class.  This was circles mostly with different stitch styles.  Everything else I’ve done has been birds, flowers, etc., in different styles of stitches.
  947. Have made clothes with embroidery as well as some redwork wall hangings, table runners and quilts.
  948. Embroidered denim shirts for all members of the family!
  949. Working on combining hand embroidery with turned edge machine embroidery.
  950. Pockets on a pair of shorts when I was 17
  951. Mixed media art boxes and a wool felt heart pillow
  952. Barrettes
  953. Snake
  954. Halloween quilt with embroidery blocks.  Loved it
  955. Usually stick to traditional patterns and designs
  956. A Japanese scene in crewel done over 25 years ago, mixing all sorts of stitches
  957. 3 different quilts using embroidery patterns from the 1930s – Margaret Techy’s English Flower Garden
  958. I am working on a mixed quilt with embroidery blocks and pieced blocks and I am just getting started.
  959. The entire front bodice of a dress
  960. Unusual for me is to put it on clothing. It is usually on quilts or decorator pieces. I like to add it to applique too.
  961. I’m working on a crazy-quilt using blocks made out of wool. I sewed the block with my Bernina 180, then used the built in embroidery stitches to finish the piecing.  Now I’m finishing each block with hand-embroidery and it’s an absolute joy! I got my inspiration from the quilt “In Praise of Wool” by Mary Chalmers. She was featured in the March 2011 issue of American Quilter magazine.
  962. Embroidery on paper and then framed them
  963. Crazy quilt pillow
  964. A very exceptional anniversary quilt label with lots of embroidery design.
  965. A bag
  966. I did an embroidery pattern on the hem of a homemade skirt when I was 12.
  967. Sashiko denim rag quit
  968. I combine applique and embroidery a lot.  Sometimes wool applique.  Sometimes I use beads and sequins as well.  One of my favorites is a Sunbonnet Sue quilt with the arms, hands and bouquet all embroidered. I also do Brazilian embroidery.  Embroidered accents on applique set the whole design off as long as it is not overdone.
  969. Blue jean jacket.
  970. Crewel embroidered picture from a kit.
  971. A crazy quilt with sea creatures.
  972. King size quilt all hand work
  973. Own design, freeform quilt with freeform hand embroidery, button and beadwork.
  974. Probably the Quiltmania, Colmar quilt.
  975. Fabric to upholstery a chair
  976. I’m just learning to do in the hoop embroidery.
  977. embroidered and appliqued quilt
  978. Christmas Tree Skirt
  979. Crabapple Hill Witches Panels
  980. I like to do portraits.
  981. crazy quilt
  982. Fabric owls
  983. A quilt that was 50 percent embroidery and 50 per energy different quilt design blocks, then hand quilted. It took me four years and it is beautiful.
  984. christening gown
  985. I usually work the printed fabric panels, with a layer of batting & backing added to give a quilted look. I embroider not only on the printed “stitching” lines, but all over the piece to add lots of detail & texture. I also do some hoop embroidery, but less frequently. I am not usually one to go in for “trendy”, but I do have a few of the cute-sey style of owls to work for my granddaughters.
  986. I create prize ribbons for our annual quilt show.
  987. Gingerbread village for Christmas
  988. Embroidery and beading on a doll I made for a challenge.
  989. Hoop sisters embroidery quilts
  990. In the hoop items
  991. Four large framed redwork Christmas pictures hanging on my dining room wall year-round
  992. By hand long ago I did a whole prehistoric scene. Volcano’s, lava, rocks, plants, the whole thing. It turned out great.
  993. Mine are not unusual but I love to do sock monkeys on cloth diapers for burp cloths and give them as baby gifts
  994. Initials on socks
  995. Pillowcases
  996. I acquired a work done by a family member that was the letter D embroidered on a pillow case for my great aunt when she came into the Davis family. Her great grandchild was named Davis. I appliqued the work onto a wall hanging and hand embroidered the”avis” to match the D. I felt the spirit of the original creator with me as I worked on the wall hanging, smiling.
  997. Unusual for me was my first quilt in which half the blocks were hand embroidered.
  998. I have incorporated embroidery with my wool applique
  999. I modified a quilted wall hanging that used plain embroidery to also use Brazilian and Ribbon stitches and techniques.
  1000. Pillows, and pictures. Machine embroidery, I love to do free standing lace.
  1001. Towels for a raffle at a pig rescue
  1002. Embroidered sashings on a pieced quilt; the most difficult part was transferring the embroidery lines onto 1″ sashing pieces while trying to avoid the seam allowances on the back!
  1003. Trim for a dress
  1004. Spider web on leather for local saddle shop who was making custom saddle
  1005. Made a garden piece with multiple kinds of flowers, leaves, etc. It was a kit.  Then I do counted cross stitch more frequently and am doing a log cabin scene right now.
  1006. Large family record
  1007. Baltimore Album Quilt
  1008. Machine embroidered on my purses.
  1009. Machine embroidery on toilet paper
  1010. A Year long Sampler Quilt, for my/our first granddaughter, (with coloring book pages and a little designing myself).
  1011. Hussif my design
  1012. Silk crazy quilt
  1013. My projects are not very unusual!
  1014. Quilt with embroidered Santa Clauses, collected embroidery patterns and when completed, designed my own quilt around them.  Very simple design.
  1015. A hardanger piece when I belonged to
  1016. Embroider’s guild many yrs ago.
  1017. Crabapple Hill quilt pattern.  Walking in a Winter Wonderland.
  1018. Newer to doing this 1 year.  Mostly names on quilts, coats, shirts etc..
  1019. Mixing floss, perle cotton and silk ribbon. Pattern is “Isabella”.
  1020. Souvenir pocket on a bag
  1021. Baltimore Album quilt
  1022. I finished squares my grandmother (1896-1977) began long ago and made them into a small quilt.
  1023. Crewel style tooth fairy pillow
  1024. Counted cross stitch
  1025. Sampler
  1026. I used embroidery to cover a stain on the leg on one of my favorite pairs of jeans
  1027. Embroidering chairs on appliquéd chairs in quilt black count.
  1028. Love working on wool.
  1029. Discharged art quilt
  1030. Trying to finish a crazy quilt begun by my mother.  She began a twin size quilt for my daughter but failed to finish it before dying. My daughter would like it to be queen size as she is now an adult with a much larger bid.
  1031. doll pictures for my niece
  1032. sugar skulls
  1033. Love doing redwork on white and white work on red blocks and making a quilt.  Won best of show at our county fair.
  1034. A BBQ apron my grandson designed as a gift for hid dad and the BBQ tool holder I designed to go with it.
  1035. A large quilt that combined redwork snowmen and quilt blocks
  1036. Willie Nillies
  1037. Tablecloth for my VERY large table
  1038. Knitting needle case for my Mother-in-Law
  1039. Pictures pillow cases and towels.
  1040. Eyeglass case
  1041. Embroidered feathers on a quilt
  1042. A really fun and easy one is the hooded towels. Great kids gift
  1043. Not unusual, but I hand embroidered crewel work on jeans for my friends back in the late 60’s.  I remember how tough it was pulling the yarn through denim!
  1044. 12 quilt squares with animals or fish with different guns and rods bordering the square.
  1045. Covering a brick with embroidered fabric as a door stop
  1046. Embellishment on wool appliqué on a pieced cotton quilt
  1047. Original landscape quilt
  1048. A retreat with Tonye Belinda Phillips and Sue Spargo at Camp Sherman, Oregon. We were encouraged to design and stitch our own project with cotton and wool. It was the most educational and fun retreat I’ve been on. All of my embroidery journey has been built on that experience. Great teachers!
  1049. Repaired a ripped pair of jeans by embroidering over the tear
  1050. Designed and made family tree quilts for my kids.
  1051. A trapunto wall hanging with beading, quilting and metal work.
  1052. Machine embroidered a canvas tote bag for my vintage Featherweight machine
  1053. Embroidered squares in log cabin quilt
  1054. 2 quilts: 1 quilt state birds, flowers and names; 1 quilt state flowers. Both are king size.
  1055. Doing dimensional stitches for a project.
  1056. iPad cover, Christmas ornaments, mug rugs, flag with the pledge of allegiance embroidered on it
  1057. Made a mesh screen dish cover with embroidery on it. Want to try balsa wood!
  1058. Crewel embroidery for daughter, Christmas stocking.
  1059. I made a photo memory quilt with humming bird embroidery and iris fabric for a customer. It was for a King size bed
  1060. Embroidered a peasant blouse in a typical Ukrainian pattern.
  1061. Ribbon embroidery on a wedding dress. I also embroidered signatures on a charity quilt.
  1062. I did a full size Halloween quilt with blackwork embroidery panels…..turned out awesome!
  1063. Latest is on wool
  1064. 30 years ago I did a 16 by 20 wall hanging that’s a combination of embroidery and crewel that still hangs in my sewing room and I love just as much today as I did when I made it.
  1065. 1997 peacemaker quilt with ribbon
  1066. Quilt blocks. Pillow cases. Pictures crewel work ..whatever is available
  1067. Hardanger table cover.
  1068. Just completed a Christmas wall tapestry wall hanging
  1069. Quilt with machine embroidery that included custom designs representing members of the family
  1070. “Stitching” up a small incision after removing a large mole from my husband.
  1071. Tulip Etui, each petal was design to hold stitching tools.
  1072. Southwestern Indian maiden
  1073. A monochromatic purple peacock  embellished with beads. the background fabric was white wool.
  1074. Crazy quilt bed runner
  1075. Stuffed, door prop cats made using wool and embroidery.
  1076. A crazy quilt embellishment
  1077. I used to think embroidery on quilts was unusual.  Now I don’t know a good answer because it goes everywhere
  1078. Wool on wool cover
  1079. Someone’s 20 year old Christmas stocking
  1080. Crazy quilt
  1081. A small linen house to store sewing accessories.
  1082. Sets of snowmen (several)
  1083. Countdown to Christmas calendar
  1084. An eagle head on the back of a sweatshirt!
  1085. Embellished baby photo of daughter.
  1086. Bags for 3 day walk for Komen
  1087. A very large crazy quilt for my guild.
  1088. Embroidery on bandanas for a 4-H group
  1089. I added embroidery in an undersea quilt, to enhance those small undersea creatures, as fabric would be too bulky. I also use it in Baltimore Album blocks, it’s adds delicate details.
  1090. I have only ever embellished quilts with embroidery
  1091. I like to embroider blocks for a quilt.  Nice for memory quilts.
  1092. Sampler quilt for my grandmother’s 80th birthday. I did a tree of life in the middle and embroidered family names on it.
  1093. It’s not what I have done but what I’ve received as a gifts from Mayan women in Mexico. Exquisite hand embroidery where the back is almost as beautiful as the front. They do some interesting weaving work to fill large spaces.
  1094. An Easter table top, that looked simple, decided to make 4 toppers at the same time. One of the designs was to take 6 min of machine time, but it had 7 color changes which increases the time to about 15 minutes and I had to sit at the machine and be ready to change colors as fast as possible if I was to finish that year.  Each topper had 8 repeats of the same design and I was making 4 so a total of 32 designs 8 plus hours.
  1095. A logo for my son’s national guard unit
  1096. A quilt block representing our family. It was our children’s school project, in the 90’s. Several teachers sewed all of the family blocks together, made quilts, and donated them – I think to a nursing home.
  1097. Picture
  1098. Digitized a hand embroidery quilt pattern.
  1099. I made a burlap purse with a large smiling sun embroidered on it.
  1100. Embroidered samplers.
  1101. Tuffets
  1102. Wool embroidery
  1103. Floral hand embroidery finished into lap quilt using some satin fabric with fusible on back
  1104. I just love all embroideries.
  1105. Put advertising on bowling shirts in the 80’s hand embroidered
  1106. Parrot on back of kimono jacket
  1107. Embellishment.
  1108. Crabapple Hill’s gingerbread houses and witch panels
  1109. A geisha and a Victorian lady. It was a lot of work and pretty complicated.
  1110. Probably my best so far was a wallhanging where I combined various embroidered blocks in a Celtic pattern.
  1111. A denim dress
  1112. Brazilian Embroidery – once!
  1113. pillow case doll
  1114. Crazy Quilt pillow with many different stitches.
  1115. Hand embroidered a crazy quilt made from my daughter’s childhood clothing, dance costumes, prom and bridesmaid dresses.
  1116. Pockets on jumpsuits or logos on back of shirts
  1117. Brazillian embroidery
  1118. Use Sue Spargo stitches for a small wall hanging.
  1119. I hand embroidered a vest and skirt.
  1120. Large calla lily on 32 count over 1 thread
  1121. Well for me was when I started adding beads to my embroidery projects.  Also use embroidery on my card making projects…
  1122. Accents on an art doll. Transforming children’s artwork into textile art.
  1123. Sue Spargo sampler using different types of thread and beads
  1124. Embroidered quilt blocks on barns
  1125. Silk ribbon on the fronts of a cardigan sweater.
  1126. Nothing unusual, clothing, quilts, school bags, tea towels, etc
  1127. Digitizing 365 4″ blocks, making all decisions about type of stitches used, fabric used, thread choices all combined into a quilt
  1128. Air brush background, then doing traditional straight line Maltese Cross stitch in a curvilinear style.
  1129. An encrusted crazy quilt square using fabric from wedding gowns I made for my daughters, my mother’s wedding veil, beads, pearls, fancy threads, mini pictures of each bride and other tiny pretty things.
  1130. I mix embroidery with hand smocking
  1131. Adding embroidery to a small quilt for display at a local quilt show
  1132. Purse
  1133. Made a quilt out of my mother’s hankies and my grandmother’s hand made lace doilies from the 30s-60s for my daughter, machine + hand quilted it, and hand embroidered some of the blocks
  1134. Twilling
  1135. White stitches on white quilt
  1136. Working on a large 10×10 punch needle design (but is technically embroidery?)
  1137. Haven’t done “unusual ” but have done pictures, wall hangings, and quilts mixed with embroidery and patchwork…
  1138. I enlarged a tattoo design to embroider.
  1139. Not really unusual but I like to add hand embroidery to my quilts, both pieced and applique.
  1140. I love combining Baltimore applique style with hand embroidery.  “
  1141. large wool flower applique/embroidery quilt
  1142. Mostly do typical projects but like to mix thread types and add beads.
  1143. An abstract bead embroidered pillow for my bead club.
  1144. My daughter’s wedding cash bag
  1145. Danish village with appliqué and embroidery.
  1146. Dish towels
  1147. Pillowcases
  1148. A design that I created of a dragon/ rose combination that was with variegated  iridescent threads that made it look different depending in the light and angle you looked at it.
  1149. Hand wall design as a high school art project.  It was a mixture of embroidery thread, yarns, beads, sequins, gold cording and other decor trims.
  1150. A crewel embroidery picture of a pot of flowers- it took me 10 years to finish. My husband had it framed for me, it is very beautiful.
  1151. I also embroidered 30 dragonflies on a quilt using metallic embroidery floss.
  1152. Queen size floral applique quilt.  Each square required at least 10 hoopings.
  1153. Tuffet w/ machine embroidery and quilting.
  1154. Self designed wall hanging.
  1155. A BOM from the Leavenworth, WA quilt shop
  1156. Brazilian embroidery
  1157. A crewel basket of flowers with multiple textures.
  1158. Quilted a patriotic quilt with fireworks embroidery
  1159. nothing unusual. I enhance my quilts and applique and I have made embroidery blocks for quilts and had machine pieced blocks and/or borders around them.
  1160. Halloween wall hanging
  1161. Quilt ladies shopping bag
  1162. Crazy quilt hussif (sewing kit , mine with zippered closure and multiple pages)
  1163. Christmas quilt
  1164. Names of grandchildren on fleece with scroll embellishments.
  1165. A toilet seat cover.
  1166. I like to embroider on wool. Am a big fan of Sue Spargo.
  1167. A Hexie table runner with embroidery on some of the Hexies.
  1168. Liturgical work.  Also have used it embellish items for others
  1169. I love to pick a theme, my grandson had under the sea, embroider sea creature then mix with very cute under the sea fabrics for his quilt.
  1170. Presidents quilt
  1171. Letters with Satin stitch.
  1172. Crazy quilt blocks
  1173. Canada symbols on a Canada quilt for our 150th birthday,
  1174. Wall hanging of sewing machine.
  1175. Machine embroidered greeting cards.
  1176. A ribbon embroidery quilt.
  1177. hand stitching on a postcard
  1178. Feather stitched a crazy quilt.
  1179. Designed and embroidered a scene from Disney’s Bambi when I was a child.
  1180. I did a lone star quilt for my niece and in the 4 open corners I did embroidery of her name and all things Texas.  Not that unusual but different for me.  Back in the day all my clothes had my hand embroidery stuff on it, it was the 70’s and quite the thing.
  1181. I do many different techniques, and so most of them are unusual
  1182. Curtains for my kitchen.
  1183. Baltimore Album
  1184. Silk Dupioni Christening Quilts with Machine embroidery”
  1185. My Hungarian pillows with Hungarian designs using silk.
  1186. Free standing lace Dr. Who police box
  1187. free motion embroidered face bag
  1188. I just finished a heavily embroidered Hawaiian style quilt
  1189. I do a wide range of embroidery and needlepoint.   I have added embellishment with beading, stones and seashells.
  1190. A dress I made for my sisters wedding. Morning glory flowers along the bottom front of the dress.
  1191. My first quilt was a prestamped Bambi design that I made in the 70’s.  I did a baby quilt with embroidered squares in the 60’s my grandmother helped me put it together and quilt it.
  1192. I’m using all orange floss for a Halloween quilt that I’m making.
  1193. Quilted bag that could be used for a tea cozy or for a large coffee cup. We embellished with embroidery stitches and appliqué.
  1194. Embroidered on toilet tissue
  1195. Made a blue jean purse out of a leg of pants..
  1196. Wall art
  1197. I embroidered a bee using Sandra Leichner’s pattern onto a Baltimore Album style quilt for a BAS auction.
  1198. Making snowflakes and trees for ornaments
  1199. Splendid Sampler
  1200. Very large geisha scene…use it as a headboard
  1201. The one I am working on now 🙂
  1202. It is a pre-printed “Zenbroidery”
  1203. Scissor holder/case
  1204. A Sue Spargo project.
  1205. Designed a hankie for niece’s wedding
  1206. ITH Star Pillow about 15 inches across
  1207. kitchen curtains
  1208. Embroidery on dog collars
  1209. Crazy quilt stuffed cats
  1210. A Wendy William’s felted wool heavily embroidered quilt
  1211. Free form embroidery on silk.
  1212. Stitchers Garden bom through the shop where I purchased my Pfaff.  It had machine embroidery, and I did some unusual embellishments.
  1213. 1968 hand embroidered a complete pair of overalls for a boutique
  1214. Pictures
  1215. A clock
  1216. I can’t say that any of my embroidery projects were unusual. I’ll have to work on that!
  1217. Turned a photo into an embroidered picture.
  1218. I did sheets the top across , pillow case.
  1219. Mine are part of Baltimore album quilts
  1220. Machine embroidery on stockings and toilet paper.
  1221. My most recent quilt.
  1222. doll clothes
  1223. Wool appliqué with lots of embellishing stitches and beads.
  1224. Memory quilt in which I digitized the centers of crazy squares
  1225. Baltimore album with beading
  1226.  An 18″x 24″ counted cross stitch picture of a carousel horse and a Christmas tree skirt/
  1227. Combining embroidery with old linens & buttons.  It was framed in a hoop.
  1228. Put “Sue Spargo” style of embroidery (by hand and machine) on the solid “back” of a patchwork quilt, which turned out to be the front.
  1229. A fusible quilt picture with hand embroidery accenting the picture.
  1230. I embroidered names on jackets for Animal Control Officers, they wear them during drug raids when animals are involved.
  1231. Pillowcases, and quilt blocks & decorator pillow tops….
  1232. I usually stick to the basics like red work or block of the month patterns.
  1233. My Robotts sampler is the most unusual. It is mainly wool appliqué with silk, cotton, trims, beads and lots of Embroidery embellishment. There are 12 figures on the wool background, perfect for a block of the month. I’m working on a single figure needle case right now!
  1234. Rose of Sharon quilt.
  1235. An unexpected added touch to a jumper . . . There was a hole in the fabric of the skirt right in the front that I covered it with an embroidered heart to compliment the pieced heart design in the bodice.  The mistake/blemish was viewed as a clever enhancement to the theme of my wearable art.
  1236. A pillowcase.  It was flowers ,  and it covered most of the top.  I did it when i was a teen. it was put away to be finished, years later i came home to find my mother had it on her bed.
  1237. Embellished quilt
  1238. Added a mouse climbing a ladder to a scrap Jacobs ladder quilt.  cheese fabric at top of ladder. wanted to give hint to name the block
  1239. Twilling is my favorite and I have used it in combination with quilting for wallhangings and quilts
  1240. Church linens
  1241. Crazy quilt
  1242. Birth certificate
  1243. A crazy quilt block that I made into a flap for a basket to make it into a purse.
  1244. Feathered Star, a Hoop Sisters pattern.
  1245. baby quilt
  1246. Years ago I made a clock face(from a kit) with strawberries…this was crewel embroidery
  1247. My favorite project was quite a few years ago teaching my fourth grade class a few stitches in redwork and we did a quilt of the state symbols of New York.  The boys stitched better than the girls!!
  1248. Quilt
  1249. Current one of cotton and wool.
  1250. Kentucky Derby horse and jockey in corner of napkins for Kentucky Derby gourmet dinner.
  1251. Flowers in basket quilt
  1252. Faeries Crazy Quilts for four little girls…all different.
  1253. I did a seascape quilt with wool embroidered fish and other surface design
  1254. back in the day, hand embroidery on bell bottom jeans
  1255. For the first time today…. I made a sewing bag in the hoop…with words “too much fabric too little time”
  1256. Fun & practical… Have whole set of sewing sayings… Plan to make several as gifts all my sewing buddies.
  1257. Hand embroidered a crazy quilt wall hanging
  1258. Quilt with embroidery, blocks and lots of flying geese.
  1259. Back of a leather vest.
  1260. Nothing really. I pretty much love following patterns
  1261. I embroidered a pair of white tennis shoes for a bride to wear at her outdoor reception.  I used conventional flosses mixed with silk ribbon flowers.  The results were lovely.
  1262. A stuffed duck
  1263. Cross stitch samplers; hand embroidery on a pillow in the center of quilt block
  1264. Crazy quilt heart
  1265. Detailed blackwork wreath
  1266. 50 state birds and flower for a Christmas gift.  10 in blocks, all birds and flowers filled in.
  1267. Block of the month quilt
  1268. What other people find unusual is I sometimes use embroidery instead of regular quilting, through the 3 layers.
  1269. Bathmat
  1270. An 1800s pocket that I wear while demonstrating live in the 1800s.
  1271. A top for the toy box that had a road, hay, a cow, a tractor and assorted bushes and ponds on it for the grandsons to use with their toy cars and trucks.
  1272. Japanese embroidery
  1273. I did a 100 of my favorite patterns and put then in a quilt. for me and then did the same for a friend.
  1274. Quilts, runners ,pillow cases ,towels, dresses,etc and much more .I love how embroidery completes a project
  1275. Embellishments on a floral wool table centerpiece
  1276. Themed baby quilts with a number of blocks embroidered. Example- Noah’s ark, center block the ark and scattered blocks animal pairs
  1277. Seascape art quilt
  1278. stitching on blue jeans
  1279. designed and created a goldwork lizard
  1280. All my embroidery has been incorporated into my quilts!
  1281. Designing soccer this for grandson.
  1282. Combining machine embroidery with free motion quilting and applique in a quilt.
  1283. A trading card-size piece that incorporated quilting, image transfer, beads, buttons and embroidery.
  1284. Tiny witches hat done on embroidery machine
  1285. I hand made a baby quilt for my daughter 3o some years ago.
  1286. Wedding sampler for father in law and mother in law
  1287. I have embroidered Torah covers for several synagogues.
  1288. Japanese traditional
  1289. I hand couched around large oval frames with children cowboys to look like a rope.  I also have done hair on small painted faces freehand.
  1290. Letter size picture quilts using free machine work.
  1291. Kitchen towels
  1292. Embroidery on quilts (it’s quicker than hand quilting) and I do a lot of hardanger embroidery.
  1293. FMQ and appliqué for sort quilts
  1294. A full size quilt with 36 original butterflies. I then quilted it and am using it on my bed. I also did a smaller flower quilt and won grand reserve champion  in my local fair.
  1295. Hand dyed silk ribbon embroidery
  1296. I made a wall quilt of a large mason jar and in the jar was my bug collection, using regular and silk ribbon to make the BUGS.
  1297. Samplers
  1298. For a picture
  1299. Combining hand embroidery using vibrant variegated thread,  shibori ribbon, hand quilting with #8 perle cotton and seed beads in one art piece.
  1300. A cosmetic bag In the hoop
  1301. Embroidered kitchen towels
  1302. I worked everyday during the Watergate hearings to embroidery a stretched wall hanging measuring 20″ by 30″ with stylized flowers and leaves in more than 10 very 3-D looking stitches.
  1303. A 4 foot poppie for my Mother
  1304. Special message Inside of a bag
  1305. Embroidered and appliqué blocks for a quilt
  1306. A tapestry with my own patterns of events representing my friend’s experiences
  1307. Hardanger
  1308. A picture of my great-nephew
  1309. Hand drawn folk art inspired pillow top of three fanciful cats on a field of flowers.
  1310. A Halloween quilt
  1311. A wall hanging with many diverse fibers and some stumpwork
  1312. An original needlepoint vest.
  1313. A felted wool table runner with nearly “crazy quilt” type decorative embellishments, the piece was hand appliqués first, it included using beading.
  1314. Memory shirt.
  1315. Fair theme on pillow for county fair last year. Years ago flowers & things on denim shirts but in thing at time.
  1316. Cross Stitch on a pillowcase that turned out almost solid with thread–I don’t like cross stitch .  It is printed too small to follow.
  1317. For a baby layout I Embroidered  the top sheet with name large pillow damask around letter of name the bumper pad with animal embroidered with wool thread then comb to make them fuzzy
  1318. Lace ornament covers
  1319. Working with wool and ribbons really bring the project texture and beauty.
  1320. I cross stitched a sampler that was Americana – a slice of apple pie, a copper penny, an American flag,  and across the top of the sampler it said “give me the simple life “.
  1321. A free embroidery project
  1322. Count stitch on silk gauze
  1323. Wool applique with embroidery.
  1324. An extremely large table cloth plus napkins – a table to seat 20 people. It was fun!  I did it all by hand – before I got arthritis!
  1325. Dress
  1326. When I was 15 I embroidered a shirt with all the Beatles names and faces.
  1327. Goldwork dragon
  1328. I embroidered a bird design on a dress I wore.
  1329. A Schipperkes head digitized to look like cross stitch.
  1330. A heart for my husband for Valentines Day.
  1331. Created six “little monsters” for a baby shower using On Screen Designer foe the ellisimo, learned so much about sizing and density. also tried in the hoop applique, so much fun
  1332. I did bead embroidery on the collar of a silk shirt I was making- the collar turned out great, the shirt, not so much.
  1333. Cross stitched queen sized quilt
  1334. Merry Christmas kit with a combination of Candlewick and regular embroidery, beige on beige, with gold threads as accents. The kit is from 1983 but not done until 2016.
  1335. I big picture of horses jumping
  1336. I digitized Mayan gods and put them and their glyphs around a very complicated cross-stitched embroidery design of the Mayan calendar.
  1337. Finding exact match of colors to complete a vintage tablecloth and determine what stitches to use and recreate the pattern where ink had vanished from the material
  1338. Birdie
  1339. I don’t think that I have done anything unusual.  I’ve done some red work and blue work and I am currently working on a Christmas hand embroidered table cloth.  When I do hand embroidery, I think it looks better with hand quilting.
  1340. LynetteAnderson’s quilting and embroidery projects
  1341. I embroidered trees and flowers on my jeans in the 70s
  1342. I’m conventional….doing state birds & flowers(:
  1343. Always have some handwork and it travels light!
  1344. In process – 12 blocks with a Texas theme to make a quilt for my husband.
  1345. Finishing a deceased woman’s project at the request of her husband.
  1346. Candlewick rabbit
  1347. A skirt and blouse, which was quite a job, but lovely outcome!
  1348. A sympathy card my sister in law hen her adult daughter passed unexpectedly. I machine embroidered a mother walking had in hand with a child.
  1349. Crazy quilt teddy bear
  1350. On going Crazy Quilt
  1351. Doll clothes
  1352. An abstraction of a ballet slipper
  1353. Using embroidery to enhance a printed panel to enhance the project.
  1354. Three Wise Men in counted cross stitch
  1355. Learning all the stitches for hand embroidery on a small fan quilt.
  1356. A poodle skirt Halloween costume for my young daughter
  1357. A Stump work Bougainvillea
  1358. I use embroidery as embellishing for my quilts or to set off an applique piece.
  1359. Doll’s bed sheets, pillowcases, quilt, and bedspread.
  1360. Am certified in Japanese (silk & metal on silk) embroidery.
  1361. Mine is pretty traditional: dish towels like my grandma always did, embellishments on quilts and clothing, once a number of relatives each embroidered a block to be put into a wedding quilt… Love it!
  1362. Large wall hanging of red work, all southwest designs.  Long ago did most of the designs in an Ondori Floral Embroidery book.
  1363. I used applique and embroidery to cover spots and tears in my favorite clothing.
  1364. I embroidered our yacht name on fender covers and winch covers for my husband.
  1365. Aart quilt
  1366. Marci grass wall quilt
  1367. A crewel pillow
  1368. Using machine embroidery to do the quilting.
  1369. embroidered quiltblocks
  1370. Crazy quilt
  1371. Sue spargo stitches on wool
  1372. Door inserts for a cabinet.
  1373. A pillow kit with yarn as the thread
  1374. Stumpwork is my love
  1375. A Christmas wall hanging with black embroidery
  1376. Elizabethan raised embroidery
  1377. A crewel embroidered bed spread.  I gave it to my daughter-in-law who had it quilted.  Then she entered it in her local fair where it won grand champion.
  1378. Queen size quilt — all wildlife
  1379. Just finished an applique project. New learner. Had embroidered as a child and now 67. Had forgotten a lot.
  1380. Chair back covers
  1381. Stump work
  1382. Embroider denim shirts and jeans. Embroider some designs in quilts.
  1383. An etui
  1384. Hand cutwork set for dressing table. Machine embroidered picture that won Best of Show and a 1st place. Marvelous hobby but really love to mix machine embroidery with quilting.
  1385. Embroidered on a mixed media project. I had to use an awl to punch hoes for the needle to go through the watercolor paper. The mixed media included cloth.
  1386. Crazy quilt and photo transfer images of temples (one image per block)
  1387. Hiding teeny 1″ fairy embroidery designs among the colorful blocks of my granddaughter’s quilt
  1388. A five foot wall hanging of a poem, decorated with florals.
  1389. An outline of my grandmother’s portrait from a photo.
  1390. An appliqued and embroidered wall hanging depicting my house inspired by a painting by F. Hunertwasser.
  1391. A color wheel
  1392. Probably embroidering a queen size quilt
  1393. Stumpwork
  1394. Buttonhole stitch around Quilt pieces like ladybugs and hearts.
  1395. A recreation of Van Gogh’s Poppies with both machine and hand embroidery and a variety of threads, yarns and ribbons as a guild challenge project.
  1396. Blue jeans
  1397. Second quilt, I made horses every other square
  1398. Cross stitch on linen
  1399. Charity block done as a line drawing
  1400. Mini Crazy Quilt
  1401. Grandchildren’s names on fleece blankets
  1402. Quilted purse
  1403. Pillow  with a snowman with fabric and with embroidery
  1404. Burn a hole in my daughters nylon backpack and covered it with a bald eagle embroidery. Turned out great!
  1405. Market bags with various funny sayings
  1406. Copying a picture of a large flower. The colors and the texture.
  1407. A 3D house
  1408. Sue Spargo Flowerbed wool applique BOM with heavy hand embroidery embellishments
  1409. Brazilian embroidery on a stuffed muslin cat.
  1410. Embroidering on toilet paper
  1411. freestanding pumpkins of lace
  1412. Crazy quilt
  1413. I designed a border for a full sized quilt where I added a running stitch embroidery and words all around it.
  1414. Miniature silk ribbon album quilt



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Linda Dunham

I didn’t see this survey in time to respond. My most unusual embroidery project was putting my name on the sole of my foot to show how tough I was when I was in high school.


I thought the “1400” was a bit of e-embroidery in your email…until i scrolled down!

So interesting to read everything. Thanks for sharing them all.