Everybody’s Working for the Weekend


Here’s the perfect antidote to the Monday morning blues…a new book from AQS meant specifically to use on weekends! Or any day you have an hour to spare!

In Weekend Quilts Judy Laquidara has created 16 easy, colorful quilts that are a joy to make and use. The great thing is, she wrote the instructions for each quilt in one hour segments, and none take longer than a weekend to piece!

If you’re a quilter who has to find bits and pieces of time for your passion, this is the book for you. Judy’s tips on getting the most done in an hour spent quilting will work for anyone. And she even includes time-saving recipes so you’re not stuck in the kitchen.

A real bonus in this book is Judy’s knack for interesting borders. Never make a ho-hum quilt again, and get lots more done with Weekend Quilts!  Order it (AQS #8149) on the web or by calling 800-626-5420.

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Jill Grant

Can't wait to get a hold of this fabulous looking book. It also looks great for using up all those small bits of fabric that we all collect after each quilting project.

Judy Laquidara

And, you can use it during the week too if you really want to! 🙂


What a great write up about JudyL's newest book! Love the title "Everybody's working for the weekend" reminds me of that song… and that is the truth! I'm a stay at home mom but boy oh boy do I look forward to those weekends – b/c no more laundry for me for 2 days. 😉

Looking forward to seeing what's inside that beautiful cover! Great job to everyone involved in making this book!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie


I'm excited about Judy's new book. I've done some of her quilts before and they are so easy — and look so hard when they are done. I'm counting the days until my book arrives.


Judy is a quilting whiz and a fun lady, too. I enjoy her blog and the quilts she has shown there and am happy to see this book in print. I am hoping her knack for super-looking, interesting borders rubs off on me once I get my copy of this book!


Can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm sure it's just as wonderful as her first book! Congrats, Judy!


I can't wait for my copies to fly Down Under to me and my guild.