Every Life Matters


Quilter and artist Laura C. Martin has partnered with a dozen churches and homeless agencies in the Atlanta, Georgia, area to launch Every Life Matters, a blanket collection drive for the homeless.

Every Life Matters, 36" x 48", by Laura C. Martin

The inspiration and central image for the campaign was a quilt Laura made in memory of a man from the streets who froze to death in December 2010 under a bridge in an affluent Atlanta neighborhood. Made from neckties donated by local churches, the quilt depicts an individual in the shadow of the city, cut off from the busy, beautiful world above.

Laura believed her quilt could become a banner calling the community to do more for the homeless. She joined with over 800 other individuals who pledged that every life matters and that they would do what they could to prevent another such senseless and tragic death.

To date, the campaign has collected over 900 blankets that have been distributed throughout the city. For more information go to www.everylifematters.org. To sponsor a similar campaign in your city, contact Laura by email at Laura@everylifematters.org.

Editor’s note: American Quilter magazine featured some of Laura’s quilt art in an article titled “Tiffany-Inspired Quilts” in the March 2010 issue. This issue is available online for AQS members at www.AmericanQuilter.com.

Posted by Christine N. Brown, editor-in-chief, American Quilter magazine.



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