Embroider Your Life – EverSewn Sparrow X Giveaway


Machine Embroider Your Life: FREE 12 Weeks of Embroidery Projects beginning June 5th

Join us for this engaging free machine embroidery series and create nine fun projects that fill your life with beautiful embroidery.

The Machine Embroider Your Life series offers twelve weeks of step-by-step free video tutorials for nine creative projects. Sew along with friends and fellow embroiderers from around the world. Share your creations as you go to enter to win an EverSewn Sparrow X Machine. Make projects like monogrammed towels, decorative t-shirts, free-standing lace, and even an applique wall hanging.

Participants can make any or all of the projects and always feel free to go at your own pace. Watch along as Emily shows you each step of the process for creating beautiful embroidery projects every time. Join the Project Parade Facebook group to show off your work, be part of a community of creators, and ask questions along the way.

Sign up below to receive class reminders.

Having difficulty, use this link to access the sign up.

Find the projects here!

Click here to find the links to all the embroidery projects and find out when to expect the next project.

Machine Embroider Your Life – Free Machine Embroidery Projects

Take Part in the Giveaway!

In honor of our 35th Anniversary, EverSewn is giving away a Sparrow X. The EverSewn Sparrow X Sewing & Embroidery Machine winner will be announced September 12, 2019.  Click here to view the giveaway rules.

Enter to win an EverSewn Sparrow X Sewing & Embroidery Machine by showing off the embroidery projects in your life. Share your photo of your favorite embroidery project you’ve made, or hope to make (all embroidery welcome!) with us in our Facebook Project Parade group or email your photo to socialmedia@americanquilter.com.

Enter Today!

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Ruthie Hoover

I am not understanding the give away of the embroidery machine–it sounds as though an entrant must already have an embroidery machine to participate to win another?! Well, shoot! Here I was thinking that this might be my chance to get an embroidery machine!!

Hi Ruthie, Once the contest kicks off, please share any of your embroidery projects with us to enter. No machine embroidery required. We can’t wait to get started! Thanks, Betsey

Anita Erskine

I’d like to know the cost of this set of classes up front. When I clicked on Sign Up Now, it took me to a Survey Monkey page, that informed me I’d already done the survey, but gave me no option to learn more. Frustrating.

Hi Anita, The class is free. I have confirmed that you signed up for notifications of when the class will start and information about the giveaway. We look forward to having you join us! Thanks, Betsey

Carolyn Ort

I am confused. What is the cost to join??

Hi Carolyn, It’s free to join the class. If you’ve signed up, you’ll receive email notification when the class starts and the giveaway opens so you don’t miss a thing. We look forward to having you join us! Thanks, Betsey


I’m confused also. Do you need to be on Facebook to do the classes? Also can you view the classes at anytime?

Hi Jan, The giveaway will be on Facebook, but the classes will be here at the blog. We will email each week with the link to the class and all the info so you don’t miss a thing. The classes can be accessed at anytime after they are launched and will remain available to watch and rewatch at your convenience. Thanks, Betsey

L K Tx

Betsey- if the contest is requiring one to be on Facebook to enter your contest, then many of us will be immediately disqualified because we are not on Facebook!! ( & don’t plan to join such a group)

You can also enter by email. Send your image to socialmedia@americanquilter.com. -Betsey

Lisa Fetner

I already have an Eversewn Sparrow X. Is that the machine you will be using for the class? If so I look forward to expanding my knowledge of my machine.

Hi Lisa, Yes, it is. Can’t wait to have you join us! Thanks, Betsey


I’m confused. Where is the link for notifications for the class..

Hello, Sherri! To receive notifications about the class and giveaway, enter your email in the box with the purple header that says “Machine Embroider Your Life – Machine Embroidery Series Sign-Up.” Thanks! -Emily

Debbie Safchuck

I am trying to sign up for the class. I have a new sewing machine and haven’t used it at all. I haven’t sewn in over 30 yrs, Can’t believe how things have changed. Anyway, do I have to be able to do the assignments right away. Will we be able to watch the classes over to get things we may have missed the first time? Thanks

Hello Debbie, the classes will be here, forever for free, for you to watch and rewatch as much as you’d like any time. Thanks for the question! -Emily

Debbie Safchuck

I would just like to make sure I am signed up?

Yes, you are signed up.

I signed up for the class starting today 6/5. I haven’t received a link. Looking forward thanks.


Hello M! The first email will come out soon, but in the meantime, here’s the link to the first class. http://www.aqsblog.com/machine-embroider-your-life-lets-make-patches
Have fun making! -Emily


It sounds as though we need an embroidery machine in order to do this class. Is that correct?

Yes, it’s a class of all machine embroidery projects exploring different machine embroidery techniques.

Debbie Safchuck

Okay – I am pretty proud of myself today. I finally had time to open my new sewing machine and start setting it up. It took me a while to figure out the window and how to work that,but I did it. Had a little scrap material and was sewing straight stitches and zig zags. This isn’t much to most of you, but I haven’t sewn in over 30 yrs. I can’t believe what these machines will do. It will be a little while before I get into the embroidery, but I am looking forward to it. Yeah!!!!!!!

You’re doing great, Debbie! Keep it up and have fun creating! -Emily

Janet hanna

How do I post my photo

Hello Janet! Thanks for the question. If you have Facebook, you can join our Project Parade group and post the picture there. If you don’t have Facebook or would prefer not to join a group, you can email the photo to socialmedia@americanquilter.com

Geraldine Jones

Could really use this sewing embroidery machine I’ve jut started quilting. Would love to embroider on my projects