Doreen’s Dream – Video


Watch this inspiring video that is a tribute to friendship, love, and the power of quiltmaking. Be prepared to shed a tear.

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Mardelle Tanner

Thank you so much for Bonnie Troutman’s video of Doreen’s Dream. I have lung cancer, too, and the video has changed my perspective from quilting only what I might get done to still following my dreams of what I might design and create. If I leave behind any UFO’s, my friends from quilt guild can finish them (only if they want to) or maybe my husband or son will take up quilting (lord knows they’ll have a house full of everything they could need) or maybe it’ll go in a garage sale and inspire some new quilter. Whatever happens, I… Read more »

Julie Beard

Doreens dream, I am shocked and sadden to hear that the quilting world has lost another dedicated quilter. Doreen’s quilt is stunning and goes to show how friendships and quilting often go hand in hand. I must admit that the quilt is absolutely stunning and whilst I am writing this my eyes are tearing after being told of Doreen’s demise. It’s a beautiful memory to remember Doreen by. Thank you for sharing even though you too are sadden by your loss of a obvious good friend.