Do You Do Embroidery Too? A few questions for YOU!


Please take a few moments and share your embroidery experiences with us. We will come back next week and share the results of the survey along with a beginning hand embroidery guide.

If the survey above doesn’t work, please visit the survey here.

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Barbara Spencer

I enjoy both hand and machine embroidery. When I travel or unable to use my machine, I do hand embroidery.

Cheryl Stucky

I don’t do as much embroidery as I have in the past.

Velora Kane

I’m sorry but I just can not get behind machine embroidery. It looks like a industrial label for uniforms and hats. It’s too stiff. and phony looking. Plus, you are not doing the work. You set it up, push a few buttons and walk away. The machine does all of it. Don’t get me wrong, I do a lot with my machine, decorative stitches, quilting, etc, but I am still the one driving the fabric and the machine. Am I venting enough? When it comes to embroidery-give me hand work any day.


Okay..hand embroidery is portable, relaxing, and a bit old school. Not a bad combination!


I used to do a lot of machine embroidery using a zig zag stitch on my home machine, but now I prefer to do hand embroidery. It is very relaxing.

Sharon Shimek

I love hand crafts-quilting, embroidery.


Need to get back to hand work


LOVE my B750 for embroidery

Carol Sturgess

Love mixing embroidery with matching fabrics for my quilts.

Janet Basiaga

Love “redwork” best.


Thank you.

Rita Hill

Enjoy doing handwork as it is more portable and I can take it along to work on when traveling.



Beth Platt

I mostly use my machine to embroidery letters, monograms, etc. I like to hand embroidery while sitting. My husband likes for me to be in the same room as he is in the evenings, watching tv.


I enjoy having handwork when it easy to set up a sewing machine.

Carol R.

I enjoy knowing how to hand embroider. I would not want to see it as a lost art. Machine embroidery might be quick and easy, but I think a true artist takes pride in hand work. Carol R


I find free motion embroidery by machine sew relaxing!!!


I used to embroider several times a year but I have to make and complete 3 more flannel quilts and a wedding quilt that are past due! I would love to continue my Brazilian embroidery sometime this summer.

Ann Gough

I love handwork.


I would love to embroider more, but my time is limited. Have done lots of cross stitch in the past but also no longer have the time to work on it. Quilting and knitting take up my free time.

Jean organic

I do a lot of counted cross stitch

Sue Dillon

We travel a lot in our RV. Embroidery is the perfect portable project. Just get the prep work done at home and then embroidery in the car, truck or boat. It is so relaxing and productive at the same time….doesn’t get better than that!!!

I stitch with a friend in a coffee shop, every other week. LOVE it. Fresh made coffee, Lunch and talking and stitchin!

I have 10 grandkids 11 and under, each has a welcome quilt in different colors of minky fabric. Each also gets a tooth fairy pillow I embroider with small patchwork and try to get to them by the age 5. (4 to go!!) I have done some AG doll clothes for the girls. Also I have done a few small seasonal embroidery wall hangings, and I love counted cross stitch., I am currently trying to teach the older kids machine sewing, cross stitch and embroidery. A few little projects here and there will keep needlework around for many years to… Read more »