Diana’s Golden Needle


Diana Jasany on quiltDiana Jasany is a very special young quilter. Adopted at 14 months old in 2001 from Kalmykia, Russia, Diana just turned 15 and will be entering 10th grade. She is working on a Girl Scout Gold Award project with some help from Facebook and a LOT of quilting friends!

Diana started the Diana’s Golden Needle Facebook page in February, 2015, to share her adoption story and help spread the word about foster care and adoption. That’s not all! Her goal is to make 16 quilts for teens who age out of foster care in North Carolina. She didn’t know how incredibly well her plan would be accepted by the quilting community, so she gave herself two years to achieve her goals and earn the Girl Scout Gold Award.

Five quilts have been completed, and five are out to be quilted. She says, “Even if I achieve my goals earlier, I have decided to continue with this project until March, 2017, as planned and see how many quilts can be made and given away to the teenagers who really deserve them!” She is working with Barium Springs (Children’s Hope Alliance) in North Carolina, and they will give the quilts to the teenagers for her.

She would love to have all 50 states participating in her plan to help these growing-up foster children! She has received donations from 41 states so far with 6 more on the way. The only states she’s missing (as of 6/23/2015) are Vermont, Delaware, and Alaska!

The project is becoming global. At this time, Diana has received blocks from England, Canada, Germany, Australia, and Ireland. Offers of help have come from Japan, Hungary, and Guam.

Why was her original goal 16 quilts? “I would like to make 16 quilts for the 16 years that I will have lived here by the time my project will be complete. I also want to make smaller baby size quilts to send back to my Russian orphanage.” She’ll be making at least ten baby quilts for the ten months that she lived there.

Diana said in an article written by her that appeared in Adoption Today magazine that to her, “it is a cool and unique thing to be adopted today.”

Diana and 4 quiltsThe block that Diana is using is called Scrappy Trip Around the World, by Bonnie K. Hunter with her permission. She needs 42 blocks for each twin size quilt!

Diana does some of the stitching herself, and works hard to keep track of the blocks and the quilts in progress. We would like to help Diana reach beyond her goal! If you would like to donate sewn blocks, sew them together into a quilt, do longarm quilting, or work on this project in any way please MESSAGE her via Facebook at Diana’s Golden Needle or e-mail her at dianasgoldenneedle@gmail.com.

CLICK HERE for the link to Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville page for block directions.

From Diana’s article in Adoption Today: “I care about what happens to the teens who age out because these kids deserve to have a great life! Most people are unaware of what happens to them, how they must begin their new lives on their own, with possibly no family support to help them out. I’m hoping that my quilts will bring them some comfort knowing people are thinking of them and wishing them much success in their lives. Whenever I get a special homemade quilt it means a lot to me, and I hope it will make them feel safe and secure as well.”



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Dana Allison

The picture of the four laid out quilts reminds me of photos of urban areas at night, taken by cameras on space rockets from miles above the earth! Great beauty.

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