Design and Print Quilt Labels with FabricMaker. FREE DEMO!


Nothing finishes off a beautiful quilt like a custom label made of 100% quilt-weight cotton. Whether you quilt for your own pleasure or as a business, quilt labels add a classic, personal touch to your creations.


FabricMaker, the desktop digital fabric printing system that has quilters all over the country creating their own fabrics, makes designing and printing your own personalized quilt labels easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Design your labels using CreativeStudio, an online design program included with FabricMaker, which gives you access to thousands of images and graphics. You can use your own images, as well.

2. Print directly onto FabricMaker sheets using the system’s desktop printer and industrial-grade textile inks. Each sheet is made of soft, 100% quilt-weight cotton and retains deep, rich colors wash after wash.

3. Heat set your fabric using an iron or heat press to complete the process of making the coloration permanent. Then cut out your labels and sew onto your quilts.

Why not give CreativeStudio a try and see what kind of quilt labels you can design? Visit to sign up for a temporary account. You’ll have 30 days to explore the program and design to your heart’s content.

Follow these steps to create your labels:

1. Launch CreativeStudio Online Designer at and make the following selections:
● Product Category: Fabric Maker
● Product: Labels
● Product Side: Choose the type of labels you’d like to design.


2. Browse through the “Templates” and “Image” menus to find backgrounds and other design elements to create your labels. Our example uses an image from the “Template”menu: Typographic: Retro Labels. You can also upload your own artwork to use in your label design.

3. Once you bring in an element into the designer, you can edit colors, text and other aspects of the design. Some tips:


● Click on “Select All” before sizing your elements to ensure they remain proportional.


● Select a single element to bring up color options. Then select “Object” for text options, including a font list and effects you can apply to your text.


● Try out different combinations of color and fonts for your own unique creation.


4. When you’re happy with your design, click “Select All.” Then click on the “Object” menu and select “Duplicate.” Use your mouse or arrow keys to place your design into another label. Repeat until the sheet is filled.


5. Once done, click save and name your project. You can click “Save as Template” if you’d like to use this design again.


6. Once the export is complete, select “Click to Print” to send the design to your
FabricMaker printer.

Your CreativeStudio demo account will let you do everything except print your designs. If you’re interested in learning how FabricMaker works and how you can get your own system, please visit

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June Deatherage

What is the cost of the Fabricmaker?

The total system price for the SG400 printer, full set of ink cartridges, 100 fabric sheets, ICC color profile software and Creative Studio Online Design software is $747.25. Please visit the FabricMaker website for more information.