Design and Print Custom Quilt Blocks


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Design and Print Custom Quilt Blocks with FabricMaker


Everyone loves creative quilt blocks. These squares of creative patterns, colors and designs are the cornerstone of most quilts, and a favorite among both new and experienced quilters. They also serve as inspiration for new projects and custom orders, whetting imagination as you search for just the right fabrics to make your design come to life.


What if you could bring your own photos, patterns and designs into quilt blocks, and make your next quilt project something truly special? With FabricMaker, you can.    


FabricMaker, the desktop digital fabric printing system that has quilters all over the country creating their own fabrics, makes designing and printing your own personalized quilt blocks easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Create your block design using FabricMaker Studio, an online design program included with FabricMaker, which gives you access to thousands of images and graphics. You can use your own images, as well.
  2. Print directly onto FabricMaker sheets, using the system’s desktop printer and industrial-grade textile inks. Each sheet is made of soft, 100% quilt-weight cotton and retains deep, rich colors wash after wash.
  3. Heat set your fabric using an iron or heat press, to complete the process of making the coloration permanent. Then cut out your block pieces and sew together as part of your quilt.


Now, you can give FabricMaker Studio a try and see what kinds of designs you can come up with. Visit to sign up for a temporary account. You’ll have 30 days to explore the program and design to your heart’s content. Simply follow these steps to create your custom quilt block!


  1. Launch FabricMaker Studio Online Designer at and make the following selections:
  • Product Category: FabricMaker
  • Product: Full Page
  • Color: White
  • Product Side: Choose either vertical or horizontal with grid, whichever you’re most comfortable working with.


  1. Browse through the “Templates” menu and choose: FabricMaker. This will bring up a variety of quilt block patterns to choose from, including ones to which you can add photos. Our example uses an image from the “Template” menu: Quilting Triangle 21.


  1. Once you select a template, you can edit colors, text and other aspects of the design. We recommend clicking “Select All” and sizing the design down to fit your workspace before making edits.



  1. Select different elements in the Object List on the right of the screen. Here, you will see all of the separate elements that make up the design. Click on one to select and see what options are available.


With this pattern, you can change the colors of the triangles and the pattern that makes up the background. Below, we’ve changed the background by clicking on “Replace” and choosing an image from the FabricMaker Studio library.



Next, we clicked on each of the triangle squares to change one of the colors in each pair.



You can also change colors in your background by clicking on the last item in the list. Object color squares will show up. Simply click on one to change the color and see how it impacts your pattern immediately. If you don’t like it, click again and choose a different color or select “Undo” from the top menu. NOTE: If you click directly on “Replace” a different screen will pop up. Click anywhere else on that line to activate that design element.



If you would like to change the background pattern with one of your own, click on the replace button on the right. This will bring up a screen where you can choose from any image in the FabricMaker Studio library or upload your own. This screen will also show you all of the images you’ve previously uploaded and saved to FabricMaker Studio.



Click on “Upload,” and on the screen that follows click on “Choose File” to access the files on your computer.



Find the image you want to be the background and click to select. On the next screen, give that image a name and click “Upload.”



After clicking “Upload,” you’ll be brought back to the screen with your saved uploads. Choose your new image for the background by clicking on it.



Once your new background pattern is in, you can move and size it, and adjust the triangle colors to your liking.



You can also delete the background to create a pinwheel pattern.



  1. Another option with quilt blocks is to create ones with photos. FabricMaker Studio offers photo templates for quilting, such as the one below. Here, you can upload and add a photo, change colors, add text and more.






  1. Some tips:
  • Click on “Select All” before sizing your elements to ensure they remain proportional.
  • Select a single element to bring up color options. Then select “Object” for text options, including a font list and effects you can apply to your text.  
  • Try out different combinations of color and add fonts for your own unique creation.
  1. When you are done with your design, click Save and name your project. You can click “Save as Template” if you’d like to use this design again.
  1. Once the export is complete, select “Click to Print” to send the design to your FabricMaker printer.  


Your FabricMaker Studio demo account will let you do everything except print your designs. If you’re interested in learning how FabricMaker works and how you can get your own system, please visit

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