Best of Show: The Paisley Peacock by Bethanne Nemesh


Listen to Bethanne explain the design elements and creative processes involved in making her award winning quilt, The Paisley Peacock.

Best Wall Quilt: Wickedly Green by Deborah Poole

“This quilt was an experiment in linear precision, hence, the “Wickedly”. Wicked has 293 hours of hand guided quilting and took 8 months to complete.” – Deborah Poole

Best Use of Color: Technicolor Deco by Shirley Gisi

“Art deco stained glass was my inspiration. I found that they often used the same designs as quilt squares and included some of them. I adapted Mayan art for some of the quilting.” – Shirley Gisi


Best Original Design: Ewe Are My Sunshine by Janet Stone


Of her award winning quilt, Janet states, “I heard a quote by quilter, Freddie Moran, that ‘Red is a neutral.’ I decided to put that thought to the test.”

Little known facts about herself that Janet shared with us: She bakes exceptionally good pecan cookies, and fries bacon perfectly.


Best Hand Workmanship: My Sweet House with Kirara by Ayako Kawakami


“I have been making quilts for my daughter since she was born.

I made this quilt for my daughter’s 10 years old anniversary.

This  is my fifth quilt.” – Ayako Kawakami


Best Home machine Workmanship: Manor House Cats by Cheryl Kerestes


“Manor House Cats is an album quilt depicting Cheryl’s two silly cats. They imagine they live in grand style in an English manor house, acting as if everyone is their staff and whose sole purpose is to wait on them.” – Cheryl Kerestes


Best Longarm Machine Workmanship: A Quilter’s Garden by Kristin Vierra


“Flowers and feathers grow and vine their way around the center of the quilt and out to the borders.  Traditional cross hatching and pebbles are used to set off the floral designs.  This is an original design.” – Kristin Vierra

Interestingly, Kristin used to work as an EMT with the rescue squad doing extrication.

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