Cut it out! Scissors Tips and Tools


You use your sewing scissors and shears so often that you may not stop to think about them! Follow these handy tips to care for your sewing scissors so that they will stay sharp and precise for many sewing years to come:

• Don’t force a cut – you’re likely to unbalance the setting. And you know better than to keep cutting when you come across a pin – don’t you? Try not to let the blade touch that cross-seam pin.

• Don’t knock them off a surface; the edges and tips of scissors are easily damaged.

• Occasionally wipe the blades to keep them clean and free of lint.

• Check the pivot screw to be sure it’s tight – and occasionally, apply a tiny drop of oil to the pivot screw. Don’t forget to wipe off any excess!

• You don’t need to buy a new pair just because they are getting dull. Sharpen them with your kitchen knife sharpener.

• And just like Grandma said, “Don’t use sewing scissors for anything but fabric!”

Are your cuts sharp, smooth, and precise? If not, treat yourself to a fabulous new pair of scissors! Havel’s Sewing Scissors have double-ground blades to make every cut sharp and clean. Their durable pivot provides tight and secure cutting action.

Take a look at these styles from Havel’s Sew Creative collection! Each pair of these reasonably-priced Havel’s scissors are made of high-quality Japanese stainless steel and come with blade covers to keep them (and you!) safe. Hot pink comfort handles will save you from strain.

8” Fabric Scissors for silky smooth, precise cutting are perfect for cutting multiple layers of fabric.  Their ABS Comfort Handle and high leverage design will keep you cutting comfortably!

Click HERE for more information.

7” Fabric Scissors with ultra-fine-tooth serrated blades will hold your fabric in position to make cutting silky or multiple layers of fabrics a cinch! The double-ground edges offer smooth, precise cutting.

Click HERE for more information.

5 ½” Curved-Tip Sewing Scissors allow ultra-close surface cutting and fine-point precision. Take them where larger scissors can’t do the job in your appliqué, embroidery, patchwork, and all types of sewing and craftwork.

Click HERE for more information.

Don’t miss Dura-Snips, with forged blades of high carbon steel for ultra sharpness and durability. They provide easy squeeze-and-snip action because of their automatic spring opening. These 4 3/4″ snips store in their own safety cap – with a lanyard attached to keep them close at hand!

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We hate to mention it (and we know you do, too)! A stitch too many, a stitch too wavy – sometimes we do make mistakes in our effort to get the stitches just right! When we do, we’ll be using the Ultra-Pro Stainless Seam Ripper. Its curved, replaceable blade will easily slide through heavy threads. It comes with five blades and a cover. Replacement blades can be ordered, too.

Click HERE for more information.

Be sure that your quilting tools are high quality and suited to your needs. May your cuts be straight and your rips be few!

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