2018 AQS Creative Organizer: January


2018 starts a new year of creativity! To keep your crafty self organized, we are offering another year of the Creative Organizer planning pages.


Use the Birthday page to record important birthdays throughout the year.


Brainstorm all the new things you would like to learn this year on the New Things to Learn in 2018 page. Then pick your top 3 favorites!


Pick five old projects (UFOs) and five new projects for the year, then throw in two crazy insane ideas for fun!


Use the 2018 Deadlines page to record your projects, assign them a color then mark the month they are due in that color. You can add as many colors as you want to a month.


On your Year in Pixels page, record your creative mood for the day. Assign each mood a color, then color in the day with the creative mood you are feeling. Make your year a rainbow of creativity!


Record your projects on your January Project pages.

Download your January pages here.

Visit the 2018 Creative Organizer main page.

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The Creative Organizer is a great idea but thumbnail-sized pages are not a help. Another great idea ruined by money-lust? “Gotta trap ’em! Gotta shackle them to us!” Not helpful and a waste of my time…which is why I will unsubscribe to AQS when it expires.

Glenda Castillo

JESM, you need to click on the words, “Download your January pages here,” located at the bottom (AFTER the thumbnail examples) typed on my screen in green text. You should get a message asking you to ok the download. Once that is done, open the PDF file and in your usual fashion tell it to print. A preferences box of some sort should appear, now just tell it what size to print and that you want to scale it to the size chosen. If you just want normal letter size, just hit print. Hopefully the rest of your day goes… Read more »


The pages are great and I printed them off. So happy I read the above post. I went back and looked and I simply clicked one line too low. Glad I saw the DOWNLOAD YOUR JANUARY PAGES line. They are a great way to boost the new year with out a big money investment. thank you!!

I just now stumbled upon this page and organizer pages. This is fantabulous! I love it and I’m printing my pages now. This is the greatest idea, I love it and THANK YOU, THANK YOU for posting these.


These pages are great! I made a list of all my projects (UFO’s and new ones), and I went into shock! Organizer pages help me plan out my time, and I am presently finishing four quilts that I had forgotten about! Thank you AQS!


I am trying to download the pages but keep getting an Error 404 message. What am I do?ing wrong

Barb Magruder

Thank you for sharing these! I printed out all of them today and am planning on using them to stay much better organized in 2018!

Judy Morin

Thank you so much for the actual calendar! This is the size (2 page) that I have become used to using, However, purchasing a new one every year can become quite expensive. A request – if you supply new calendar pages for the coming months, could you please: 1. Leave a little more room on the “inside” edges (if the are punched to be both facing) and 2. Could you number the days? The right hand side has the year, so I couldn’t be used again. They are PDF’s so I can’t make changes to the pages (adding numbers for… Read more »

Thanks! These will be very useful for planning work in my studio. Happy New Year!


Love the organizer for the 2nd year! However, there is a spelling error on the page “Year in Pixels.” Inspirations in the 4th item in the list on the right side of the page.

Kelly Hansen

So need this! Thanks for making these available.


I am new. Looking for the binder that go with the pages. How do I purchase the original binder


I printed the pages and put them in my binder. Then I listed the projects I have going and realistically plan on doing. They accumulate fast, but it is nice to have an overview. Thanks.


Thank you so much for the 2018 Organizer. I found the 2017 one also, and liked some of those pages. I may use some of them. The 2017 printing doesn’t bother me as I can put stickers over the date. Thanks again, and Happy New Year!

Kathy Brucki

Woohoo new pages for the new year. I used this last year and it was really fun. Put all the pages in a 3-ring binder with dividers for each month.