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Create, Print and Press with FabricMaker

You may have heard about FabricMaker and how this compact system enables you to take your favorite photos, images or designs you create and turn them into fabric for your quilting projects. The concept of being able to turn artwork or photos into fabric isn’t new. Quilters have been using their desktop printers and fabric sheets they purchase from their preferred supplier for ages. However, these solutions have come with several drawbacks, not the least of which are the inability to wash the fabrics you create and the stiff, rough hand of the finished pieces.

FabricMaker was designed to address all of these challenges, allowing quilters and creative makers to print their designs onto quilt-weight 100 percent cotton fabric that is not only washable, but soft to the touch. The secret is in FabricMaker’s inks and fabrics.

FabricMaker Purse by Quilting On My Mind Ann-Marie Miro

Unlike standard with inkjet printer inks, which are created to be used on paper, FabricMaker uses professional, pigment-based textile inks. They are designed to decorate cotton fabric with bright colors and deep blacks, while retaining colorfastness wash after wash. These are the same inks professional textile manufacturers use, brought to you in convenient cartridges that fit the SG400 desktop printer.

FM Fabric Print on the Left and Regular Deskton Printer Fabric Print on the Right

FabricMaker fabric sheets, too, are special. They have binders worked into the material that, when combined with heat and FabricMaker inks, create permanent coloration. That means no matter how many times you wash your fabric, the color will remain.

FabricMaker Pot Holders by Quilting On My Mind Ann-Marie Miro

All of this together means that you can quickly and easily design and print your own fabrics in just three steps:

1. Create: You can create your design using your favorite desktop graphic design program (Photoshop, CorelDRAW, etc.) or FabricMaker Studio, an online design program included with FabricMaker, which gives you access to thousands of images and graphics. You can also import your own photos and images into FabricMaker Studio and use them in your design scheme.

2. Print: The SG400 printer uses 8.5 x 11 FabricMaker fabric sheets and our industrial grade textile inks to print out your finished design. Each sheet is made of soft, 100 percent quilt-weight cotton and retains deep, rich colors wash after wash.

3. Press: Heat setting your fabric using an iron or heat press activates the binders in the fabric sheet to permanently adhere the color. This last step is very important, as it makes your coloration permanent. Once that is done, you can cut or sew your newly created piece as you like.



With these three easy steps, you can make deeply personal memory and art quilts, pillows, bags, quilt pieces for individual sale, pencil and makeup pouches, table linens and so much more. Why not give it a try with a free demo of FabricMaker Studio? Visit to sign up for a temporary account. You’ll have 30 days to explore the program and design to your heart’s content.

Your FabricMaker Studio demo account will let you do everything except print your designs. If you’re interested in learning how FabricMaker works and how you can get your own system, please visit


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