When trying to think of how to quilt a particularly challenging quilt, a Quilting Design Notebook offers a visual library of your quilting vocabulary.

Use it to save ideas, remember how you quilted past projects, and develop new quilting designs. 

This Quilting Design Notebook is one way for you to collect your quilting design genius in one place that you can access anytime.

The first section of the Quilting Design Notebook helps you plan quilting designs for specific projects.

The second part of the Quilting Design Notebook includes the following drafting pages for creating your own quilting designs:

Straight Line – for straight line designs like crosshatch, hanging diamonds,diagonal strips, plaids, and criss-cross.

Circle – for circular designs like wine glass, clamshell, and fan.

Curved Line – for curved line designs like leaves, vines, florals, along with hearts, arcs, and waves.

Cable – for cable designs like single, double, and triple cables, Celtic, chains, knots, woven, and Art Deco.

Feather – for feature designs like heirloom, classic, organic (ferns and flowers), embellished (loops and curls), echo, and double spine.

Symmetrical Motif – for motif designs that are the same from one half to the other.

Asymmetrical Motif – for motif designs that are different on each side.

Grid – for design elements created on a repeating grid.

Wreath – for designs that creates a continuous shape using quilting elements like a circle of hearts or leaves. A wreath doesn’t have to be a circle.

Block – for quilting ideas for different pieced blocks.

Sashing – for sashing designs that fit a narrow column.

Border – for border and corner designs.

Note: Print and add images of quilting patterns you love in each section too! 


At the end of the Quilting Design Notebook you will find three pages with graphs each in a key shape used for creating quilting designs. Make several copies so you can play!

Download your Quilting Design Notebook.

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Sandra Brown

Great! Thanks so much for sharing this!!


what a great idea! Thank you

Maureen Huntley

I love this idea but I discovered this journal too late for this year. Will this same journal be available for 2018?


This is so helpful. Thank you for all the printables and graphs and everything you offer here!