Covered Up With Love


She did it! (We knew she would!)

Ginnie Leiner, when we spotlighted her in a QuiltViews blog in August, 2013, was deep into a year-long quest. “Call me nuts but I have decided that in 2013, I will make a Christmas quilt for each family on my side of the house,” Ginnie had written in January 2013 in a post on MyQuiltPlace. That’s 15 quilts! The tops for all of the quilts were done, right on schedule, when we caught up with her in August, and she was absorbed in the completion phase.

Her stack of completed quilts was 10 quilts tall when we checked on her in an October update. Her daughter had joined the secret plan at that point, and made matching bags for each! Ginnie’s goal was to have ALL of the quilts completed by Thanksgiving, so that they would be distributed at a family gathering and lovingly used during the 2013 Christmas season.

The result? As the readers of suspected, “The quilts were phenomenal hits! The recipients were unbelieving and once it sunk in that they got to take one home, they dug in with relish,” Ginny said in a blog she wrote while still at the Thanksgiving celebration. Can’t you just imagine her smile, and the faces of the family members as they realized they’d all go home with a new Christmas quilt made by Ginnie? Join in the give-away fun HERE.

Here’s a portion of a thank-you note from Ginny’s daughter that Ginny posted on her blog:

Dear Mama,
Wow I am so blown away & impressed by you right now. I just spent the morning at work reading the journey of the last year of your quilting and I am humbled by how loving and just downright unselfish you are when you give to your family. We are so blessed to be the recipients of your time, your talents and your love! Can I be you when I grow up?

How you ever kept this a surprise for a year is amazing to me. Shame on me for not following this blog, however I did notice there was no mention of the project on Where the Corners Meet which is what I do tend to look at now and then. You are a clever lady and my faith in knowing who to share my secrets with in our family is renewed. I don’t think I could have been bursting with so much creativity and a fabulous treat and kept it under wraps.

The one thing I kept seeing over and over again in the comments from your followers is how lucky, blessed and special this gift was and how they would like to be a part of your family receiving this gift ~ they are absolutely right. We are so fortunate to have each other. I am so lucky to have been born into this family. With this mother, who has shown me what it is to “give” that it’s almost effortless to pass that on to Wyatt. But it must be said “Thank You!” (Read more HERE.)

Ginnie put so much love, and so much effort, into her quilts–and the response was greater than anything we could recreate in this space. If you’d like to read more–and be absorbed in Ginnie’s wonderful quilt-giving holiday, see her blog, HERE, and photos of the 15 completed quilts HERE.

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