Continuous Line Designs, Naturally


If you’re looking for fabulous continuous line designs to spruce up your quilts, look no further. Danish-born artist Lone J. Minkkinen brings her unusual take on what she sees in nature to the quilting table. Her designs are unlike any others out there. Fresh, spare, and easily adaptable both to space (blocks, borders, fills) and method (hand or machine), her designs will have you looking for more tops to quilt. Categories include The Barnyard, The Pond, The Ocean, The Forest, The Dogs, The Birds, The Flowers, Equestrian, and Dinosaurs, Dragons & More. There is something for everyone in these cleverly conceived and executed continuous line quilting designs.

Backstory: Lone submitted an altogether different book proposal to AQS, but when I spotted the sole continuous line quilting design in that submission, I fell in love. Look for the ewe on page 10 to see where this book got its start.

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