On a blazing-hot Wednesday afternoon in Paducah, KY, several staff members represented the American Quilter’s Society in the Ice Bucket Challenge to support research and raise awareness for ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

It was a chilling experience for all who were brave enough to stand under that GIANT bucket! Enjoy the video of our tribute to those affected by ALS. The rest of the staff gladly donated to the cause!

Participating are: (back row) Tamara Hanes, Terry Guill, Lauren Nichols, Jody Reid, Chris Gilbert, Jeff Beck, (front row) Adriana Fitch, Sylvia Thomas, Ginny Harris, Sarah Bozone, and Michelle Jackson. We can’t forget Troy Holshouser, whose gentle turn of the frontloader bucket allowed the ice cold water to do its job!

Adriana hasn’t been on the staff long, and we didn’t know she could dance! That’s Sarah practically flying from the scene. Also, please note: Sylvia is NOT crying. Repeat: NOT. It just looks like it.

The AQS Staff challenges Linda Hahn, Ann Hazelwood, Judi Madsen and ALL of the AQS authors to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! We love our authors!

Richard Louise, AQS Chief Operating Officer, nominated the AQS employees at last week’s AQS QuiltWeek in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Melissa Winters, AQS Director of Education, took the challenge right away in Grand Rapids!

and here’s the rapid response to her challenge, by QuiltWeek vendors Bruce, Cheri, and Asmaa!

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It great that all the money was for
LG research, but less them 27 % goes to the cure of it the rest goes into the pockets of the CEO’s, for the bones etc. I understand that this time raised over 30 million dollars, made some great money for CEO’s pockets a lot like goodwell.

Linda G

Having lived with ALS for the last 13 years, I would personally like to thank everyone for taking the Ice Bucket Challenge!!

Kathy Taucher

As a person affected by a rare version of ALS I was truly touched by your commitment to the ice bucket challenge. The people involved in getting the icy water poured over their heads momentarily experience the same feeling in thier nerves and muscles that a person w/ ALS feels. Thank you American Quilters Society!