Celebrate Embroidery Month with the Sparrow X


Celebrate Embroidery Month with this dreamy creative companion. Sew, quilt, embroider, whatever you want to do, it’s ready to play! Meet the EverSewn Sparrow X.

Take a look…

What we love about the Sparrow X

  • The App

    EverSewn Pro app controls the Sparrow X in embroidery mode. It’s available for Apple iOS and Android. Use it on your smart device to create and edit patterns. Follow along in the app from any room as the Sparrow X stitches away on a pattern!

  • The Patterns

    The Sparrow X comes with over 100 embroidery patterns and 2 alphabets. It is also compatible with the 12 most common machine embroidery file types.

  • The Hoops

    The Sparrow X comes with the two hoops in the most common sizes, 120 x 180 mm and 50 x 70 mm.

  • It's More than an Embroidery Machine

    The Sparrow X is also a fully equipped sewing machine with 8 feet included, 120 stitch patterns, and the ability to free motion quilt.

If you want to learn more about the EverSewn Sparrow X, visit ShopAQS.com!

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