Lisa Calle shares her tips on quilting thread selection, adjusting scale, working with templates, and feather motifs.
Watch as winners from the 2017 QuiltWeek Contests talk about their winning quilts.
Watch as Jamie Wallen shows you how to quilt a beautiful feathered wreath every time. He takes you step-by-step from beginning to end with great tips along the way.
Cindy Needham has done it again! This time she takes borders and makes quilting them a breeze with her new Ultimate Border Stencil collection. Great for machine and hand quilting!
Learn the difference between scissors and shears along with tips to identify left handed scissors. If you get your scissors in a sticky situation, we've got a great tip to clean it up!
Get practically perfect inner applique points every time with this great tip from Jamie Davis. She shows you each step for this simple solution. Take a look and give it a try!
Take a look at the AQS Tip library on our youtube playlists: QuiltTV and iquilt. Learn a little bit of everything from how buy just the right amount of fabric to sewing the perfect 1/4″ seam. Enjoy over 100 tip videos! Be sure to share and comment on your favorites. We love to hear from...
  Fusible on Your Iron? A Tip from Leanne Anderson. A Freehand Quilting Tip from Bethanne Nemesh   Make a Quilting Design from a 3-D Object: A Tip from Joanie Zeier Poole Add Dimension to Machine Quilting – A Tip from Jodi Robinson Finding the Grain of Fabric: A Tip from Leila Gardunia No Fear...
Enjoy a stroll with Judy Woodworth as she shares a little about her quilts, quilting style, and love of the art of quilting!      Want to see the detail work on some of these quilts? Visit our previous blog post featuring Judy and click on the quilt images to see them enlarged. If you...
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