Karen Combs is an internationally known quilter, teacher, author, and designer. Karen’s book Celtic Pieced Illusions is her fifth book with AQS Publishing.  She is fascinated with optical illusions and quilts and this is the subject of many of her workshops, magazine articles, and books. In this video Karen discusses some her techniques and theories.
Sue Patten shares tips on playing with quilt design.
Join Ellen Ann as she shows you how to make her stunning flowers from unusual fabrics.
  AQS author Nancy Prince shows us different weights of thread and what applications each should be used for.  
Pat Yamin, author of the AQS Publishing  book Two Patch Scrap Quilts will show you how to use her templates to make a Card Trick quilt. She also shows how to use acrylic templates and her Brooklyn Revolver turntable. Just click on the video to go quilting with Pat.
Did you ever see a yurt… or a quilted yurt? Linzi Upton from Scotland brought her quilted yurt for display at the AQS Quilt Show in Des Moines. Learn more from this video with Bonnie Browning and Linzi Upton.  
Congratulations to all of the winners in the AQS Quilt Contest at the Des Moines show. Enjoy the video.
Visit the Hopi Indians of Arizona and learn about their unique tradition of quilting. The Hopis are known for pottery, rugs and colorful Kochina dolls.  In the last century the Hopi have added quilting to their artistic traditions. See how their native patterns and motifs are integrated into their quilts and share a wonderful experience...
Join us on a visit to Alabama that features the quilts of contemporary African-American quilters included in the Robert Cargo Folk Art Collection. Many of these quiltmakers started by making utilitarian quilts that are amazing pieces of folk and graphic art. See the quilts and meet the quilters.
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