Try these popular techniques for making Pictorial quilts.
What size quilts do you make? Share your favorite quilt size with us in this quick five question survey. Come back next week to learn what quilt sizes quilters like you prefer. Take the survey… Having trouble with the survey, click here for the web version.
Play with Chain blocks to make these quilts.
Last week we asked you for your best quilting tips and here they are! We’ve selected twenty tips to share with you. For the first set of tips, quilters shared they best advice they received as new quilters. Besides the most popular advice, ‘Measure twice, cut once,” here are ten nuggets of wisdom in no...
This month we are exploring Chain block variations. We kick off this week with some of the most common variations, next week we’ll take these blocks a step further. Finally, we’ll wrap up the series with some fun projects using our blocks. One of the interesting thing about Chain blocks, is that they often have...
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