Check out 10 of the best organizing ideas for quilters and make your year your most productive and creative year yet!
Looking for something fun to do with your quilting group? Try these ideas!
Use a clipboard or nine to get organized in your quilting space. We asked our quilting friends what they'd put on their clipboard wall.
Every quilter needs a quilting space that works. Learn how to set up your space with everything you need. No dedicated craft room required!
Get ideas from other quilters of what they keep in their sewing kits!
We have 7 ideas for how to recycle your calendars when the year is over but you aren't ready to part with all the beautiful quilt pictures.
Try collage applique quilts, this month's must-try trend. Get inspired and learn fuse applique collage methods with a photo tutorial.
Check out this guide for quilting appliques from Eye of the Beholder Quilt Design.
Do you have trouble joining foundation paper piecing sections? Not after following the easy tricks in this photo tutorial!
Try Half Rectangle Triangles, this month's must-try trend. Make accurate Half Rectangle Triangles and get inspired with quilts from the QuiltWeek contest.
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