Make your own reusable plastic templates with iquilt online instructor Joanne Sharpe. She walks you through the process from beginning to end. Keep all your favorite shapes handy! Additional Tip: Put a sticky velcro dot on the center of the front of your plastic template. Not only will this help you hold the template steady...
Watch as Cindy Seitz-Krug shows you a unique binding technique for curved edges on a quilt. The easy process creates a beautiful finish!
About ten years ago, I bought a little set of papers from Paper Pieces at the AQS “Quilt Show” in Paducah, before we called it QuiltWeek, and long before I started working here. It included hexies (before the hexie craze), squares, and tiny triangles. I found a little stack of charm squares, cotton prints in...
Last week on her blog, The Inbox Jaunt, Lori Kennedy introduced the concept of using a quilt notebook as a central location for planning, documenting, and evaluating each quilt and project. In the short run, a Quilt Notebook will become your catch-all for all projects, from ideas to completion, and a handy reference source. In...
Your quilt top is done, you’re back in the store, and you don’t know which batting to choose? Here’s a handy comparison list that will help!
Learn how to protect your quilts from harmful light!
Rami Kim shows you how to weave in three directions, a technique from her book Elegant Cotton, Wool, Silk Quilts. She also shows many of the beautiful projects from the book.
Jan Magee shares a little quilting design inspiration.
Group projects sound like fun? Here are a few tips for you and your quilting buddies!
Use a blind hem stitch to join leftover batting pieces.
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