Get practically perfect inner applique points every time with this great tip from Jamie Davis. She shows you each step for this simple solution. Take a look and give it a try!
Learn how to set up your home sewing machine for quilting, get groove on with the freemotion dance, and do a Try-Before-You-Buy Project.
We asked you about when you started quilting, what made you fall in love with quilting, and your most valuable lessons. And the survey says...
Take a look at the AQS Tip library on our youtube playlists: QuiltTV and iquilt. Learn a little bit of everything from how buy just the right amount of fabric to sewing the perfect 1/4″ seam. Enjoy over 100 tip videos! Be sure to share and comment on your favorites. We love to hear from...
Take a look a these basic embroidery stitches, then get threaded and have some fun!
A gratitude chart, goal page, birthday organizer, gift-giving helper, February project pages, and list pages perfect for bullet lists.
Here you will find every month's printable pages full of help and creativity to make 2017 your craftiest year yet!
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