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March has arrived and we’re ready to put the 2020 Creative Organizer to work! This month, we're carving out some creative time.
Put the 2020 Creative Organizer this February to work by writing a love letter to color.
Get inspired and feed your creativity with the January Add-In pages for the 2020 Creative Organizer!
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It's time for the 2020 Creative Organizer! We’ve included all 12 months to kick off the year.
All the goodies you need for a creative and organized year.
Working on multiple quilting projects? Try these tips to keep things in order and moving forward.
Start your year with a look back at your successes. You can't fail these resolutions!
The 2019 Creative Organizer is here for all your project planning!
Use this fun Creative Organizer page to determine your color of the year. Enjoy the November project pages and calendar as well.
Don't miss a month of this fun Creative Organizer! Organize your creativity and have more time for quilting!
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