Do you have a quilt that is patiently waiting for binding? Why not finish it and give it to someone this Christmas! Miter the corners of your next quilt’s binding with style! Here are some tips in a free video from instructor Bonnie Browning: Join Bonnie at Borders and Finishing Touches on to...
Don’t you love Melinda Bula’s appliqué quilts? Her class, Fabulous Flower Photo Quilts, includes plenty of fabric fusing. Here’s a tip from Melinda! Learn to make large fabric pieces from small ones during the fusing process. Hint: get ready to wiggle!
Martha DeLeonardis shares tips from her lesson series, T-Shirt Quilts Made Easy. Learn how to properly stabilize the T-shirts you use to make memory quilts. The brief video also includes a handy how-to for using jerseys with holes. Make T-shirt quilts fun with Martha!
Are you wondering what iquilt is all about? Find your next exciting learning experience right here. Learn from the best, have fun, and watch your quilting techniques improve with iquilt! Click HERE to take a look at our first group of classes, taught by world-class quilters! Click here for iquilt class information.
AQS author Rami Kim’s exceptional talent blossoms with innovative designs. She is passionate about wearable quilted art and one-of-a-kind home décor. Three-dimensional textures and exciting colors blend with traditional sewing techniques, giving her work an exquisite edge!
The simplest explanation of appliqué is to place one layer of fabric over another larger piece, and sew it in place. It’s a creative way to bring design elements to the forefront and make them the stars of your quilt. There are many ways to make beautiful appliqué, and no technique is the best. It...
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