Do you have a drawer full of t-shirts you've been saving for someday? Well, someday is here! Make these t-shirts into a keepsake quilt!
Quilt basics are something all of us need...getting back to the basics.
Welcome to the creative world of Teri Tope. From fun sewing projects for your home to beautiful appliqué, Teri has something to inspire everyone. Come take a look at her classes, books, and great tips.
Want a relaxed introduction to needle turn applique?
Try Toby's method that turns a blah block into an amazing block using symmetrical fabrics.
Try Melinda Bula’s new iquilt online class, Renegade Thread Play. Take a look at the preview here: Click here to visit her amazing iquilt online class!   Take a look at our new 108″ wide backings! Lovely hues of gold, blue and purple!
Egyptian Applique Art They’re handcrafted—colorful cotton fabric in complex patterns painstakingly appliquéd to a soft canvas backing. Although there is no batting per se, the appliqué stitches go completely through to the backing, catching just a thread or two for stability. Are they quilts? Are they art? No matter what niche you care to put...
Do you have a hard time remembering what a quilting pattern looked like? What about thread weight and needle information? Don’t struggle any more. Michele Scott shares her tip for keeping it all straight.     Interested in learning more from Michele Scott? Visit her Successful Machine Quilting: Basics to Bobbins at!
Cindy has been busy! Take a look at some of her latest projects. Introducing her new book: The Grid Design Workbook Make a gorgeous gridded backgrounds. Cindy gives detailed instructions taking you through multiple backgrounds that thrive in a grid setting. • Features step-by-step process through a vast array of gridded quilting designs • Includes...
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