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Carolina Lily Block from Ann Hazelwood’s book “The Potting Shed Quilt.”
Here’s a project that’s a little different for autumn – and the kids can help.
The leaves are drifting across a modern block background—it’s a 62" x 72" pattern with many possibilities!
Use your jellyroll leftovers to make this fun, quick, and easy quilt!
Make Halloween purrrr-fect with this kitty quilt by Mickey Beebe.
This 16" Dahlia Mosaic quilt applies the techniques, which are explained in Piecing with Pixels, of blending a stencil like pattern with one or more photos and/or filtered texture. When printed on treated silk or cotton, and then quilted, digital design is given a whole new dimension. This technique uses Adobe Photoshop Elements software.
From an editor’s standpoint, Wendy Hill (we talked about her stashless state in last week’s post) is wonderful to work with. She’s very organized, very knowledgeable, has lots of good photos, and lots of opinions! I can’t resist sharing some background information she gave me about the improvisational piecing technique in her article “Start Somewhere...
As I mentioned in my editor’s letter in the August TQL, Wendy Hill has no stash. When she told me that, my first impulse was to feel sorry for her. After all, I derive so much pleasure from the care and feeding of my own prodigious stash. But Wendy insists she’s fine—happy, even. Here’s how...
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