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Wrap your love around someone special with the Cozy Hugs and Kisses quilt! It won’t take long to make this beautiful valentine quilt for your sweetheart. Start right away and you’ll have it done by February 14. Designed by Betsey Langford, this 66″ x 66″ quilt expresses love in a soft, oh-so-huggable way! High loft,...
With just one shape, you can make a unique quilt! For centuries, quilters have been switching up the colors of their pieces for a wide array of effects. AQS Vintage One-Patch Block #3 is the 60° Diamond Block. It has been the source of countless classic patterns.
Take one shape, use one template, add many colors, and create a uniquely beautiful quilt! Vintage One-Patch Block #2 is the Thimble block. It's a natural for quilters!
Start creating special presents for Valentine’s Day now! With little sewing involved, this is a great project to do with kids. Use paints or sequins for fun embellishments! When two hedgehogs meet nose to nose, love is in the air! Make a cute 12″ x 12″ Hedgehog Heart Pillow to celebrate these two little cuties...
The equilateral (all sides the same) triangle was a popular shape in quilts dating from the 1700s and beyond, including Hour Glass designs from the 1700s that can be found in museums today.
The start of a New Year means a fresh slate with lots of resolutions. If you have organization in mind for your New Year’s resolution, this project is perfect for you! With this functional project, you can create something beautiful while keeping things orderly and close at hand. Take advantage of the Horizon Memory Craft...
Henry Hedgehog is sure to delight your next fun kid-friendly project. Or add him to a quilt label for some hedgehog-happiness!
Nutley Squirrel will have you in stitches! Put him on any project and see what mischief he can get up to!
Play with Sassy Moose, a fun forest friend for any kid's quilt.
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