FREE Patterns
Remember the colors you were drawn to when you began your creative journey? What about now? Create a block that shows off your quilting colors through the years.
Framed diamonds keep you looking at the Witches Star block.
Set your sails to spinning with a Windmill block.
Half square triangles sparkle in the Cut Glass Dish block.
This festive block dresses up for Christmas time or looks great in scraps; it's perfect for whatever you have in mind.
Create movement and interest with this block. Seam lines keep the eye moving around the block. Piece the Aunt Dinah blocks side by side for a great secondary design.
Quilt a 30" Celtic Knot motif on a wholecloth, or to add movement to a block.
Round up the bobbins and bring em home with the Cowboy's Star block.
Take the Road to California with this traditional patchwork block.
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