AQS QuiltWeek
Take a closer look at award winning quilt INTO THE WESTWARD SUN. Join Bethanne Nemesh as she guides you through her creative process.
Have you ever wanted to pick Best of Show? Now is your chance! Here are some tips to help you judge.
See the results of the Ultimate Guild Challenge at 2017 AQS Quiltweek - Grand Rapids. Get some fun ideas for your guild too!
Congratulations to the 2017 AQS QuiltWeek - Grand Rapids Winners!
See if you can match the quilter to the quilt. Learn details about a specific contestant and try to guess which quilt is theirs! How many can you guess?
Meet three quilters who approach quilting from different perspectives and inspire quilters to get excited with fabric.
Welcome to the Wide World of Quilting! Entries have come from all over the world for 2017 AQS QuiltWeek - Fall Paducah (Where you get to vote for Best of Show!) Take a look and see where all the quilts are from...
Take a look at three artists in the quilt world that are bringing color to live with their stitches.
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