AQS QuiltWeek
Susan Stewart is hot. Now stop it – you know I don’t mean it that way. Sue’s a big name on the quilt show circuit these days, winning big prizes for her elegant machine-embroidered and -quilted heirloom creations. She’s teaching in Paducah in April. Sue’s been in the news, too, from her hometown paper to...
Sharon Schlotzhauer needs your help locating her 1st place quilt Really ‘Wild’ Flowers! Season Two! The quilt did not make it back home from the recent Houston Quilt Festival. Each of the seven flowers depicted is three-dimensional. The quilt went missing on November 7, 2011 somewhere between the show floor and the mailing area. If...
  Darlene Christopherson shows us how to make unmarked quilting lines and borders.    
Darlene Christopherson shows us how to thread baste for hand needle turned applique.
Sue Patten shares tips on playing with quilt design.
  AQS author Nancy Prince shows us different weights of thread and what applications each should be used for. AQS books by Nancy Prince:  Quilt Savvy: Simple Thread Painting and Thread Painting with Style  
  AQS instructor Penny Haren shows us how to center designs in prairie points.  
  AQS author Sue Patten shows us how to properly use a pounce pad. Sue Patten is the author of “Adaptable Quilting Designs” and “Quilting Possibilities: Freehand Filler Patterns.” Click here for more information about Sue and her books.    
Did you ever see a yurt… or a quilted yurt? Linzi Upton from Scotland brought her quilted yurt for display at the AQS Quilt Show in Des Moines. Learn more from this video with Bonnie Browning and Linzi Upton.  
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