Build Your Creative Space – Part One


Quilting is an art that takes lots of equipment. Equipment that takes space. There’s the cutting system – rotary mat with rulers need a large flat surface. There’s the design area – somewhere to lay out a detailed quilt-in-progress (preferably cat, dog, and kid free). There’s the sewing machine – table, chair, outlet, light. There’s the fabric – oh boy, breeding at the rate of tribbles, a stash needs an organized method of storage that can be easily sorted through with scalability in mind. AND…and notice this is a great-big-all-capital A-N-D! There’s the quilter – you, creativity, inspiration, ingenuity, and purpose all need to fit in this space.

When contemplating your creative space, here are a few questions to ponder:

  • How much of a mess will you make? – What??? Mess? Me??? If that is your response to this question, skip to the next one, but if you are like me and your mother constantly threatened to make Mess your middle name, it’s an important question. How big will the mess get and how important is it that it be able to hide in 12.3 seconds?
  • How much space is available? – Take a look around and decide how you are going to define available
  • Do you have any ready made storage options? – Perhaps the perfect sewing desk is sitting downstairs already. Maybe that breakfast cart you got as wedding gift twenty years ago will make the perfect Fat Quarter Trolley! Look around and see what you can repurpose in your space.
  • How flexible does your space need to be? I.e. does it need to turn back into a kitchen table before the pizza guy rings your doorbell?

Don’t have the ideal room in mind? Let’s think outside the box…

  • Table – audition them all. A changing table is great for storing supplies, fabric, projects, and bins.
  • Closet – tucks away in a flash and keeps little ones away from tools. Go bolder? Take off the doors put in a desk and you have a recessed sewing center!
  • Rolling Cart – push into the corner when not in use, but when you are ready it’s right there!
  • Divide a Room – always wondered what those room dividers were really for? Annexing for creativity!
  • Corner – if you are trying to hide it in a room, often the corner on the same wall as the entry door (but not behind the door of course) is less noticeable.

Find a spot – Claim it – Make it YOURS!

Next week we will discuss filling your space with creativity in mind.

Do you have a clever creative space? Share your ideas in the comments and post pictures to our Facebook or Instagram #quiltstudio. We’d love to hear from you!

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I am working on my perfect quilting area. Thanks to a broken pipe this past spring, my basement is being transformed. I laid 500 sq. ft. Of vinyl plank flooring – by myself- the weekend b4 Christmas! At times it seems like it’s moving so slowly but I have no time table so I’ll just keep plugging along!


We used to have a formal living room that never got used. Took out the furniture, put in a large dining table. Husband now calls it the board room. Serves as my sewing studio & when my bee group comes to sew, WaLa it’s ready for us all. Works for me.


I had an old console for an old TV. I put it in the closet under the rod. It had doors on the bottom and shelves on the side and a big opening for the old style TV. Perfect for storage. I can still hang things beside of it on the rod too.


The back bedroom wasn’t large enough …. so I took over the master bedroom!