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Kimberly Einmo does it again with her new book Clever Combo Quilts. Featuring 10 quilt patterns in all skill levels. Each quilt features two or more pieced block combinations. The blocks themselves are constructed from easy-to-piece units, but the overall layout looks intricate and complicated. Take a look:


Pinwheel Twist 54″ x 54″
North to Alaska 52″ x 52″
Windblown Stars 65″ x 65″
Stars and Geese 64″ x 64″
Sostice 56″ x 56″
Star Flight 48″ x 48″
Ginger and Tea Leaves 68″ x 68″
Glacier Bay 54″ x 54″
Star Chain (Sangria) 54″ x 54″
Spring Cabin Fever 46″ x 46″


Kimberly walks you through the beginning steps in Chapter One, so you understand everything needed for a successful adventure. Next, she illustrates the techniques used to simplify construction processes. Handy reference charts make assembly quick and easy! She takes you step by step through unit constructions of all types – then straight to the quilts!

Each quilt pattern gives recipe style instructions for supplies with fabric colors recommended using values – this is a HUGE help and Kimberly tells you why! She then lays out each step with clear instructions, detailed diagrams, and fabulous Top Tips! to help you along the way. At the end of each quilt pattern is a little something extra. Kimberly has thought of everything to make your experience as great as possible!

From beginning to end, you’ll learn so much from Kimberly. Grab some fabric, a bunch of friends, start with the first quilt and get to sewing. Every quilt is beautiful! And at the end of sewing them all, not only will you have a stack of stunning quilts and hours of laughter, but you’ll have mastered many quilting skills!

Join Kimberly Einmo on her Clever Combo Quilts journey today!

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Elizabeth Schnelle

Those are FAB patterns.

Elizabeth Schnelle

Fab patterns.

Evelyn Barber

I love the quilts. I have taken classes from Kimberly and have 2 of her books. Reading her books and following her instructions is very much like being in class with her.

I haven’t purchased mine yet, but I will! Way to go Kimberly. I love the quilts!

Diane Nilon


Sue Sherrard

Has anyone made the Pinwheel Twist Pattern? I made this quilt earlier this year and had some trouble with measurements given in the pattern. Unfortunately I did not notate any of my problems on the pattern and want to make it again. If anyone has used this pattern and has the correct measurements for each fabric color please let me know.