Blue Notes Sing of a Postcard from the Past


The year, 1917. A postcard from France arrives, and with it the very breath of Spring. The classic birds, butterflies, and flowers represented on this nostalgic 100% cotton fabric rest on a background collage of vintage florals and small-scale French designs. This complex print includes shades of blue, plum, rose, and the greens of antique botanical prints on an ivory background.

What was the message on that stamped postcard from long ago? It remains a musical mystery, perhaps known only to the birds. Take a step back in time; you can almost hear them sing.

Bring the beauty of nature into your home with Blue Notes, available only by the yard. The birds average 3″ in length, and the wingspan of the butterflies, 1.5 – 2″. It’s a lovely fabric for home decorating and the perfect multi-color mix to inspire your next quilt.

Click here to order your beautiful Blue Notes fabric.

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