Bleacher Bottom? Here’s a cure from APQS!


Every mother and father whose child has shown an interest in sports is very familiar with “Bleacher Bottom” – those seemingly permanent creases across one’s backside that develop from hours and hours in the stands.

Whether it’s soccer, football or another sport, having a little cushion under the tush is a must for fans on the sidelines. And if the sport season involves the weather changes common to fall weather, that cushion is extra valuable if it provides warmth and serve as a windbreak. APQS has a quick, fun way to combat the chill and give some cushioning at the same time!

Here’s a great way to recycle some of your clothing (or even your teen’s tattered duds) while creating a very useful blanket for stadium sports.

Start with your closet and pull out that denim skirt from 1987. It may come back in style someday, but you may be waiting a while! Next, head for the dresser drawers and yank out the jeans in the bottom that are two sizes too small but “too cute” to throw out.

Now head to your teen’s closet. Purposely torn, slashed and tattered jeans are in vogue now, so you’re likely to find some pretty decent “intact” jeans hanging in the back that your teen won’t be caught dead wearing now. It’s time to get out your rotary cutter and do your own slashing!

Decide the size of your stadium blanket. Cut the jeans by slicing next to seam allowances. Don’t waste time opening seams…you don’t want a lot of bulk anyway. (However, you can get creative and trim out fun accents like pockets or belt loops…just leave at least one inch of single layer denim around each accent patch to facilitate attaching it to the quilt. Work in large patches for fewer seams and faster sewing. Six to eight-inch patches are user friendly.

Set your piecing stitch length for a short stitch so that you can press seam allowances open to reduce bulk. Sew the patches to each other in long strips. As you join one strip to another, offset the seams so that they do NOT align with each other (again reducing bulk). When the top is as large as you’d like, it’s time to quilt.

Choose a coordinating polar fleece for the backing fabric and you won’t need any batting. The quilt will be warm and cozy! Load as normal, checking your hopping foot height so that it does indeed “hop” over the fabric instead of “plowing” the fabric. Quilt the layers together with a freehand design so that you can also avoid lumpy seams or accents.

Trim the raw edges even when you are finished and turn about one inch of the edge to the back (or back to the front if you prefer) twice. Topstitch the folded edge to the quilt for a quick utilitarian finish.

If you live in an area where your soccer games or Friday night football often involves rain or snow, consider spraying the denim with water repellant (available in many large sewing centers and sporting goods stores). Tailgate to your heart’s content!

THANKS to APQS for providing these instructions. Get ready for happier bleacher times ahead!

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