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Last week we explored the idea of starting a Binding Club. If you missed it, click here to learn more. This week we are sharing binding club activities ideas, challenges and educational event ideas that are perfect for a binding club or any other type of quilt group.

Binding Club Meeting Activities Ideas

Binding in the Wild

Pick a fun and unusual location to bind a quilt. Binding by hand lends itself to travel, so take a quilt on a Binding Club road trip!

Places to consider binding at…

  • Park – be sure to pack a picnic!
  • Coffee Shop
  • Bowl and Bind…Go to a bowling alley for some fun. Everyone not up to bowl works on the binding.
  • Library – for a group with children, head to the library. The kids can look for books while the adults bind quilts.

Trivia Night

Play trivia while binding. Each team gets a quilt to bind. The team with most points wins! Bonus points for finishing the quilt first.

Topic Night

Pick a topic for the night along with a list of questions. Come together to bind and discuss.

Sing Along

Get together and sing. Pick song everyone know or plan ahead and prepare a playlist. Everyone sings and binds the night away.

Binding Challenges

Spice things up with fun challenges. They can be personal or for the whole group.


  • Each quilter take a side and race to the corner
  • Binding Bingo – Create a list of different items to bind. List them on a Bingo card and give everyone attending a copy. Have participants work to get a Bingo. Have them bring their card to get a prize!
  • Keep track of how many quilts each quilter binds for a year. At the end of the year award the binding queen!

Educational Events

Offer great quilting resources on making and attaching binding to your quilts.

Learn how to…

  • Make bias binding tubes
  • Add piping to binding
  • Bind a scalloped edge
  • Create different effects with striped fabric
  • Add a flange to binding
  • Make pieced binding
  • Add embellishment to binding
  • Create different effects with striped fabric
  • Add pom poms along the ends of the binding
  • Bind a quilt with Prairie Points
  • Add tassels to binding
  • Attach the binding ends together
  • Add bead work to binding
  • Stuffing binding

Have each person pick a month to present an educational workshop. It’s a fun way for everyone to learn.

What would you do at your Binding Club? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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