See Rock City by Julie Sefton, quilted by Chris Ballard


Julie Sefton’s passion for barns and her love of being involved in the entire process of a quilt from beginning to end inspired her to do a quilt based version of See Rock City and write the book, Build-A-Barn, about the process she used to make the quilt. From this book, the Secret Society of Barn Builders was created and is an international group of quilters who tested the process by creating their own original free pieced barns. Their unique quilts are featured in this fun exhibit.


Make Life Simple by Julie Post, quilted by Chris Ballard
The Purple Post Ranch by Valerie Levy, quilted by Chris Ballard
If This Barn Could Talk by Belinda Noel, quilted by Chris Ballard


Be sure to check out all the barns at

QuiltWeek – Chattanooga, TN September 14-17, 2016


QuiltWeek – Des Moines, IA October 5 – 8, 2016


Secret Society of Barn Builders Members & Exhibitors includes:

See Rock City, Seasonal Sampler, & Flying Lessons by Julie Sefton


The Brave Chicken by Cherie Moore

Make Life Simple by Julie Post

Crow Morning & Windy Field by Glenda Parks

If This Barn Could Talk by Belinda Noel

The Henniker Barn & Pig Farm Barn by Lynne Tyler

Rose Bay Barn & The Purple Post Ranch by Valerie Levy

Round Barn at Ojo by Hilda Bakke

just-Spring by Katherine R. French

The Barn in Back by Cathy Labath

Back of the Back 40 by Brenda Suderman

Tobacco Shed by Heidi Burkhardt

Bonnie’s Barn by Nancy M. Stevens

Note: All quilts quilted by Chris Ballard

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Theresa M Glaski

When and where will Julie Sefton’s book be available to buy?

You can buy it now on Amazon. ?

Hi Theresa! Julie’s book released in March and is available for purchase at shopAQS.com. If you click the link for the book title or the See Rock City quilt, it will take you to the book page on the shop site. Book will also be available for purchase at both shows. Thanks, Betsey

Love them! A true inspiration from a farmer’s daughter! I quilt and I needed a new subject idea. This is a great idea.

Janet Young

Love the barns! Bright and imaginative. Would you explain the reference to, See Rock City, above. Just curious because I have been there. Can’t wait for the book.

Hi Janet, We asked Julie Sefton about the Rock City connection and here is her response: “My quilt had barns and my barns had signage which triggered the connection with Rock City’s advertising signage. I chose the name See Rock City for my quilt as a nod to Rock City’s well-known barn-painting advertising campaign slogan – but otherwise, there is no actual connection to Rock City itself.” ~ Sylvia Thomas, AQS Social Media Manager