Betsey Langford
Celebrate family with this charming Tree of Life block. Perfect for families of all shapes a sizes.
Looking for zippy, zesty, zanny z's? We've got 'em - Big Z and little z just for you.
Can you count how many quilts you've made? Do you remember them all? Try these fun ideas to commemorate your quilting accomplishments.
Last week we asked you about your sewing habits, this week we share the results. Learn some great sewing tips along the way!
Y? Because we love you! Giant Y blocks just for you, big and little! Grab your pattern today and get started.
Welcome to the Wide World of Quilting! Entries have come from all over the world for 2017 AQS QuiltWeek - Fall Paducah (Where you get to vote for Best of Show!) Take a look and see where all the quilts are from...
Get ready for a cozy Christmas with Linda Lasco's red and white Eight-Pointed Star quilt. 
Be inspired by 199 incredible red and white Christmas ideas!
X marks the spot! Discover treasures of fun with these big blocks. Download your patterns and get started today.
Homage is a combination of color play, simple shapes, and texture. the design relies on the strength and stability of the square.
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