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Here is a beautiful quilting pattern to use in your projects from designer and author Helen Squire.
Watch Zena Thorpe as she shows you how she makes her adorable tiny flowers.
When American quilters in the 1800’s were creating the masterpieces that we still copy, modify and admire today, few knew the depth of quilting creativity growing from the islands of Japan. Like any timeless art, quilting reflects the heart of the culture and artists who pour their heart and soul into their work. Quilting in...
Take a stroll with me down the Chareh el Khiamiah, or “street of the tentmakers.” Found in the heart of Old Islamic Cairo, it is the only place where the street is still covered as in days of old. The sun fights its way through the openings in the roofs, casting patterns of light and...
Intricate marble patterns on an elegant inlaid table inspired these ribbons of entwined colors.
You’re at the local fabric shop when inspiration strikes – but wait, you’d like to make a coverlet instead of a full bedspread, or your brother has a California king and you don’t know what that really means. Every quilter loves fabric, but there’s no point in buying far too much – or worse, not...
This pattern may be copied for personal use only. Please request reprint permission for any other use. Get the pattern here.
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