Author Spotlight: Peggy Holt


Peggy charms quilters from one end of the process to the other with her inspiration. In The Magic of the Half-Square Triangles, the world of half-square tiles are introduced and the inspiration begins. In her book, Create Your own Dream Feathers, Peggy invites you to let your creative spirit sour, allowing you to create original beautiful designs, unique to you and unique to each quilt.

Join us for a journey inside these two books:


Peggy uses the concept of half-square triangles to create tiles and gives basic instructions for creating different tiles:

  • Basic HST Tile
  • Single Border, Two Color Tiles
  • Rose Bud Tile
  • Doubled Up Tile
  • Tulip Tile
  • Puss in the Corner/Checkerboard Tiles
  • Rail Fence Tile
  • Split Star Tile

In five galleries, Peggy demonstrates patterns to create with the tiles. Here are a few samples:

Garden Lattice by Peggy Holt


Kansas Dugout by Peggy Holt


Double Friendship Star by Peggy Holt


Peggy includes reference charts for different tile sizes, estimating yardage, and patches per yard, along with tile outline drawings and templates to make sure you have every success in your adventures.

You can purchase your own copy of The Magic of half-Square Triangles here.


Then we follow Peggy to the world of quilting in, Create Your Own Dream Feathers.


Peggy promises this isn’t just another book about feathers – and she delivers. After taking you through the basics she talks about base shapes, single line designs, furls and flourishes, borders and swags, medallions, butterflies and hearts, along with using folded paper applications. With lots of pictures, she demonstrates the uses of the different techniques in her gallery.

Boston Common by Peggy Holt


Points and Dots by Patricia J. Cross


In the back, Peggy offers a helpful selection of shapes and patterns in the Glossary. A great source for all quilters and a terrific reference.

Purchase Create Your Own Dream Feathers today!

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Lucille Cernak

I bought The Magic of Half Square Triangles t a quilt show. The vendor made the Turquoise and Teal featured in the book and told me the pattern was in the book. Well….not really. There are directions for making each of the blocks, but nothing else. How much fabric? How many fabrics, the layout? (I think I have figured that part out by piecing information from several different places in the book. I was very disappointed to say the least.