AQS QuiltWeek Quilt Contest 2022


Calling all quiltmakers! Whether you consider yourself an artist or simply enjoy your quilt hobby, now is the time to show off your work.

The American Quilter’s Society (AQS) has announced four AQS QuiltWeek shows for 2022. Each show has its own unique quilt contest with special categories and cash prizes. There’s even a category for first-time entrants so quilters who are new to AQS contests will always win prizes at the shows.

Here are the four shows you can look forward to entering:

AQS QuiltWeek – Daytona Beach, FL: February 23-26, 2022
AQS QuiltWeek – Branson, MO: March 23-26, 2022
AQS QuiltWeek – Paducah, KY: April 27-30, 2022
AQS QuiltWeek – Grand Rapids, MI: August 17-20, 2022

Maybe you feel like you just quilt for fun and your quilts aren’t “good enough” to enter a national contest. Trust us: that’s a common mistake. We want to see YOUR quilts hanging at AQS QuiltWeek shows across the nation. You might be surprised how far your quilt can go!

It has been months since we have been able to attend quilt shows in person. But the time is nearing. You have been making or finishing quilts and you have picked out a couple that you want to enter in some quilt contests. The rules for the 2022 AQS Quilt Contests are available now and here are some things you can do while you wait for the registration site to be ready:
1. Check out the rules and determine which categories are a fit for your quilts. Start by measuring your quilts and checking the size requirements of the categories. Page 10 of the rules is a quick reference of the 2022 Categories by AQS QuiltWeek Show. All categories and quilt sizes are listed for every show — all in one place — to help you find the category and the show that fits your quilt. Because of the pandemic, quilts finished in the last five years will be eligible for entry in 2022 shows. Contest deadlines are listed on the last page of the rules. Click here to view the 2022 rules.
2. If you used a pattern or any other art source for the design of your quilt, be sure to read item 7 in the General Rules that lays out when permission is needed and explains the definition for an original design. For AQS quilt contests, if your quilt is not 100% your own original design, you will need to request design permission to publicly display your quilt. Using someone else’s pattern, artwork, photography, or even another quilt as the basis, starting point, or full source of your design for your quilt (even if the design has been altered) is considered a derivative work of their original design.
For additional information on requesting design permission, visit:
Send an email to your design source now and you’ll be ready with the permission when you enter your quilt!
3. If your quilt guild has issued a quilt challenge to your members, there is a category for you at the AQS QuiltWeek in Grand Rapids. It is the Ultimate Guild Challenge.
The AQS staff is busy working on the quilt contest registration site. On July 1, 2021, you will be able to enter your quilts online.
Measure your quilts, pick out your categories, get your design permissions, and you’ll be all set when registration opens!
Bonnie Browning
Executive Show Director
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