Here is the Flash Mob in action.


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[…] to the AQS Quilt Show in Des Moines tomorrow!  I missed the flash mob of quilters, click it for the video!  Pictures to […]

Jo E

It was fun being in the flash mob. Our group had a good time singing our “theme song.” Unfortunately, our group got broken up in the crowd, so some of us were left standing on the steps while the rest of us got to serenade.

Betty Drda

My oh my, what a mob. I loved all the quilts and cackled when one lady decided that she was showing the back of the quilt instead of the front. It was a lot of fun watching. My husband rolled his eyes at the song, but I thought it was great. Someone should quilt that song. Humph! Maybe I will.

Jo E

Betty, You want to quilt the song? Perhaps you belong in our on-line quilting group. We are a great bunch of quilters, we have fun online and even more fun when we get to see each other at the AQS show in Des Moines. Sometimes we get a bit nutty, like inventing our own “theme” song and singing it in public. The people dining at the Star the evening we went out together and practiced our song wondered what kind of crazies were in the party room (and they wanted to join us). Quilting our song would demonstrate that you… Read more »


Who has more fun than quilters! Great bunch of women having a great time!

That’s awesome! I love the song, and quilting it is also a good idea. I’ll just add it to 789879798987th on the list of things I’m going to make this year haha