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Who doesn’t love Pinterest pinning? I’m guessing you might say that only if you haven’t tried it!

The highly popular (and some may say addictive) online bulletin board allows you to save images of all the things you love to “Boards.”  How many boards and how many pins you have are up to you.

It’s a great place to store design and pattern info, as each image may contain links to blogs, instructions, web locations, and more. Images come from other pinners, Pinterest searches, and anything else you’d like to “Pin” from the internet.

Pinterest is not all about quilting; you can search and save any topic you can imagine, like food! There are so many delicious-looking photos with links to recipes…it might replace your favorite cookbook!

Of course, Pinterest is a great place to find everything AQS! Take a look HERE. You’ll find categories including patterns from AQS authors, quilting references,  QuiltWeek photos and videos from the event locations, AQ magazine highlights, tutorials and other videos, and lots of other things for you to Pin!aqs-pinterest2

Also, if you are looking for MORE of AQS on Pinterest, be sure to plug the words “AQS quilt” or “American Quilter’s Society” into the Search Bar!

Go ahead, follow AQS on Pinterest! You never know when we might follow you back!

Not a Pinterest user yet? Just go to and sign up. Pinterest only needs your e-mail address and a password, and your inbox remains clean when you note in your settings that you don’t want notifications.

Think of it as an organizational tool for your creative side.





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