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We asked what you thought about Block of the Month projects – over 600 of you shared your passions and opinions! Thank you for the fantastic response.

For those new to the monthly ritual known as Block of the Month, let us take a minute and explain. A Block of the Month is a pattern shared one block at a time, usually in monthly intervals. Known as BOM for short, some BOMs share a portion of the quilt pattern each month rather than just a block, others include multiple blocks monthly. There are a variety of lengths of programs as well. Ranging from 4 to12 months, a Block of the Month pattern can be shared very quickly or over an extended range of time. The patterns may or may not include fabrics depending on the program. 

How many participate in Block of the Month projects?

  • 4 out of every 5 quilters reported having participated in a Block of the Month in one form or another.

How many BOM have you participated in?

  • 25% of respondents have participated in 5 or more Block of the Month programs. That’s some committed quilters! 
  • Nearly 30% have taken part in 3-5 BOM.
  • Over 27% are just getting their BOM feet wet having participated on only 1-2 BOM programs.
  • Another 12% say they can’t wait to get started.

If there are 12 months in a year, how many BOM do you work on each month?

  • For those bitten by the BOM bug, 2 out of every 5 stick with one Block of the Month program.
  • Nearly 28% of participants reported doing 2-3 BOM projects per year.
  • 5% of the ultra dedicated do more than 5 BOM projects each year…that’s more than a block a week.
  • Nine of you said you couldn’t get enough – you want to do them ALL!

What’s so appealing about Block of the Months? According to those responding…

  • Number ONE on the list – Quilters do Block of the Months because they want to learn new skills, try out a new technique, and expand their quilting horizons.
  • With an eye for detailed instructions and lots of pictures showing every step of the way, it’s no wonder BOMers are adventurous!
  • Rounding out their top three, quilters resoundingly declared that they want a fun Challenge!

Who do you BOM with? The answer is clear! Alone, with a friend, as a group, with a fox, in a box, in my socks...DOESN’T MATTER! 

  • Participants declared their love of Block of the Month projects, but also the joy they experience sharing the journey with others, taking on a challenge with a group of people learning from one another, and the satisfaction that comes from puzzling it out on your own. 

Nodding back to the teaching sampler quilts of yesterday, Block of the Month

s continue to teach and inspire us. A great hand’s on experience, quilters enjoy taking on a project that promises a beautiful quilt in the end, but let’s the quilter take it one step at a time. This says it all, when asked what type of construction method was preferred, respondents declared – it doesn’t matter, they want to try it all!

Looking for some inspiration?

Take a look at some of our favorite Block of the Month patterns offered by AQS.


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I am surprised with as many AQS members only 600 participated.

Jane Von Letkemann

Hi Carolyn,
Could it be that those AQS members who didn’t respond haven’t participated in a BOM?